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  • Сервер ранга: Rank of the site 291
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация:
  • Владелец: despekt
  • Веб-страница:
  • Xроника: Interlude
  • Добавлено:2011-11-29 10:07 PM
  • Голосов от пользователей: 0
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Сервер ранга

  • Стаж: 30X
  • Skillpoints ставка: 30X
  • Адену курс: 7X
  • Частота выпадения: 15X
  • Сейф чар: 3
  • Макс чар: 16

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  1. Grand Opening 2017 Info<br>
    Server Machine<br>
    2x Intel Xeon E3-1240V3 3.4 Ghz x4(x2)<br>
    RAM 32 GB DDR3 ECC<br>
    2x 2x SSD 240GB + 2x HDD 1TB - SATA3<br>
    Internet 10Gbps<br>
    RateXp = 30<br>
    RateSp = 30<br>
    RatePartyXp = 1,5<br>
    RateDropItems = 20<br>
    RateSpoilItems = 15<br>
    RateRaidDropItems = 20<br>
    RateQuestDrop = 4<br>
    EnchantMaxWeapon = 16<br>
    EnchantMaxArmor = 16<br>
    EnchantMaxJewelry = 16<br>
    Enchant rate : 66% for all type of scrolls<br>
    Class change<br>
    1st - No quest needed - you gain 100,000 adena.<br>
    2nd - No quest needed - you gain 1,000,000 adena.<br>
    3rd - No quest needed - cost 10,000,000 adena.<br>
    No quest needed - free<br>
    Up to 4 subclasses<br>
    Retail like:<br>
    Cannot add Dark Elf subclass on Elf character.<br>
    Cannot add Elf subclass on Dark Elf character.<br>
    Cannot add the same type class as subclass (eg only 1 archery class).<br>
    Buffs Time - 1 hour<br>
    Summon Buffs Time - 5 minutes<br>
    NPC Buffer Classic<br>
    NPC Buffer Shemes<br>
    Buff slots 24(+4)<br>
    NPC Buffer doesn't include buffs like:<br>
    Summon buffs eg Blessing of Queen<br>
    Resists eg Dance of Aquaguard<br>
    Olympiad period : 2 weeks<br>
    Olympiad min players: 9 (Non-Classed)<br>
    Olympiad min players: 5 (Class-Based)<br>
    Unique antifeed system<br>
    Instant macros for Armor Sets<br>
    Rules : retail like<br>
    Classic features<br>
    100% of skills working including all of Symbols<br>
    Dualbox/Multibox is allowed<br>
    Dedicated Geodata<br>
    GM Shop up to B-Grades<br>
    GM Shop trading SealStones<br>
    Global Gatekeeper<br>
    Merchant of Mammon in town<br>
    Blacksmith of Mammon in town<br>
    Player's spawn protect: 15 sec<br>
    Autolearn skills<br>
    Mana Drugs<br>
    Special Features<br>
    Advanced antibot system<br>
    Anti L2Adrenaline/L2Walker/L2Tower/L2Net system<br>
    Unique support contact system [FAQ]<br>
    Unique voting system [FAQ]<br>
    Experienced staff<br>
    Donations limited to:<br>
    Player Name/Gender change<br>
    Clan name change<br>
    Life stones,<br>
    Soul Crystal for weapon SA,<br>
    Basic premium account,<br>
    Hair accesories,<br>
    and some more NOT powerfull items.<br>
    * Item list and prices can be checked only in game at NPC Donate/Vote Shop placed in main towns.<br>
    Advanced PvP Zones at Epic Bosses<br>
    Queen Ant Zone limited to 31-49 lvl characters.<br>
    Core Zone limited to 41-59 lvl characters.<br>
    Orfen Zone limited to 41-59 lvl characters.<br>
    Zaken Zone limited to 51-69 lvl characters.<br>
    Baium Zone from 13th floor up.<br>
    Antharas Zone inside Lair and around the Heart.<br>
    Valakas Zone inside Lair and around the Heart.<br>
    Frintezza - zone inside Frintezza's room.

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