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L2Zion Classic High Five 75x

  • Сервер ранга: Rank of the site 37
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация:
  • Владелец: ana-lucia-3yify
  • Веб-страница:
  • Xроника: H5
  • Добавлено:2020-08-19 04:59 AM
  • Голосов от пользователей: 30
  • Online checker:

Сервер ранга

  • Стаж: 75X
  • Skillpoints ставка: 75X
  • Адену курс: 15X
  • Частота выпадения: 10X
  • Сейф чар: 4
  • Макс чар: 16

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  1. Dear guests and players of our project, we are pleased to inform you that we have prepared bonuses for all new players on the "Zion" x75 server. If you are looking for a server, do not miss the opportunity to start with several prizes! Get into the game faster to get valuable bonuses! Dear players! We join the calls to stay home in order to reduce the spread of covid-19 disease, when creating your character on our server you will receive several prizes, enter our world and STAY AT HOME! Chronicle: High Five 5 EXP: x75 SP: x75 Spoil/Drop: x10 Safe Enchant: 4(Full Body Parts) 4(Other) Max Enchant: 16 Buffer 28/12 Buffer Time 2h Main Server settings: Global Chat Auto Learn Skills Hellbound Location Opened Champion Mobs Classes: 1-2-3 Bought with adena. Castles, Olympiad, Bosses, Events limited windows 5 Offline Trade Offline Buffer Server Specialties: Bots oficialy allowed NPC Buffer , Buffs 2h(Free Buffs) Starting pack -, CoL-1, Bonus for voting (In Progress) Real cash Awards GM Shop: Bonus for Donate and achievements in the server. Casino NPC - You can test your luck and see whether you win or lose some adenas in our casino. Rewards for achievemnts - NPC gives apiga for acheivements Constantly updated events with great prizes. And many other benefits!!!

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