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  • Сервер ранга: Rank of the site 947
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация:
  • Владелец: Bender
  • Веб-страница:
  • Xроника: Interlude
  • Добавлено:2018-11-27 01:15 PM
  • Голосов от пользователей: 0
  • Online checker:

Сервер ранга

  • Стаж: 100X
  • Skillpoints ставка: 100X
  • Адену курс: 50X
  • Частота выпадения: 1X
  • Сейф чар: 6
  • Макс чар: 25

Поделиться в соц. сетях

  1. Lineage ][ Illusion<br><br><br><br>
    Lineage 2 Illusion team is composed of veterans of Lineage 2 game with great experience in the game itself and its functions. Our only goal is a unique experience, for your own satisfaction.<br><br>
    Our developer team is trying to improve and constantly update the game content. <br><br>
    The Gameserver is running on a professional custom Java emulator, using the top hardware OVH datacenter has to offer with 24/7 online guaranteed and superfast up/down link for lag-less playing experience. <br><br>
    Anti-DDOS protection. Anti-Cheat protection (packet hacks)<br><br>
    Server information<br><br>
    Experience (EXP) 100x<br><br>
    Skill Points (SP) 100x<br><br>
    Adena 40x<br><br>
    Spoil 5x<br><br>
    Safe +4<br><br>
    Max Weapon: +25<br><br>
    Max Armor/Jewels: +25<br><br>
    Enchant Rate: Retail<br><br>
    Class changes w/o quests.<br><br>
    Nobless status by special quest.<br><br>
    Subclass add w/o quest.<br><br>
    3 Subclasses per character allowed.<br><br>
    Global Gk<br><br>
    Custom farming zones.<br><br>
    Auto learning skills.<br><br>
    Craftable Royal Infinity Weapons.<br><br>
    Craftable Illusion Armor Sets.<br><br>
    Craftable Demons tattoos for each class type.<br><br>
    Unique EXPERIENCE!<br><br>
    32+4 slots (Divine Inspiration)<br><br>
    2 hrs Buffs duration<br><br>
    Npc Buffer with basic buffs spawned in all main towns<br><br>
    AIO Buffer available as a donation reward with special skills (Does not affect Gameplay Balance for owners)

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