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  • Сервер ранга: Rank of the site 67
  • Язык: English
  • Геолокация:
  • Владелец: Александр-l0vgh
  • Веб-страница:
  • Xроника: H5
  • Добавлено:2017-09-27 10:52 AM
  • Голосов от пользователей: 23
  • Online checker:

Сервер ранга

  • Стаж: 50X
  • Skillpoints ставка: 50X
  • Адену курс: 50X
  • Частота выпадения: 25X
  • Сейф чар: 3
  • Макс чар: 20

Поделиться в соц. сетях

  1. Launch Test Server March 2! Opening server March 9, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. +3GMT.
    High Five x50 is a server with a maximum focus on the game play, a truly insignificant donate, and maximum interest in the farm and fan for those very spots of the top farm!
    The absence of the S80 + Item rank on sale, against the background of average rates - this is exactly what creates the maximum interest in the game and the desire to achieve something in it and how to stand out !!!
    High chance to craft items. Save Enchant and reset to +3.
    Also, all this complements the elegant assortment of buffs and the currency exchanger in both directions. This Midl-Rate server without donation of things and with current craft.
    Our project is one of the few who does not close the server at all, all your work will remain with you almost forever.
    Max members in clans - 40 + CRP and LvL Up for clans in Alt+B service;
    Penalty for invite in clan - 60 sec;
    Olympiad start points = 30;
    Chance of rare craft + 7%, with Premium Accaunt 10%;
    Sale Coin of Luck for Adena in the GM-Shop for fix price;
    Increase chance to get belts from Territory Wars;
    Autolearn skills;
    Subclasses without quest untill 40 lvl.
    Start LvL of subclass - 40;
    Weight x50 of standar;
    Buffer in Alt+B;32 (+4) buff slots and 12 for dances/songs;
    Manager of professions in Alt+B (professions are free);
    Buffer and Teleport are free until 81 lvl;
    Section for craft with many functions include Augmentation;
    Free get shadow equipment C-Grade;
    You can insert the Life Stone and PVP Attributes to weapons and transferred weapons with Life Stones;.
    AutoBan S-Guard, no bots;
    Limit for windows - 3;
    Technical support 24/7.
    ClickThe flags of all Castles return before each Territory Wars;
    Max enchant for Olf's T-Shirt +10 and other equipment +20;
    Safe Enchant +3. Chance to Weapon 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%); for other equipment chance 60% (with Premium Accaunt 65%).

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