Server event

L2Combat PVP
07.04.18 12:00 - 30.10.22 12:00
Custom PvP Server that promises the best experience with our great quality files.
L2Sherd IL No Custom
L2Sherd - PvP Server - Grand Opening
01.09.20 12:00 - 31.12.22 12:00
Interlude PvP Server Opening Soon
Party farm, tvt, tournament entre outros.
28.01.21 12:00 - 04.12.22 12:00
Drop's valorizados, seu pvpPoint valorizado.
07.05.21 12:00 - 30.11.32 12:00
GRAND OPENING for new L2Adamant Lineage2 High Five server! Opening time: 2021-05-07 18:00 GMT+3 All info: Server files: Discord: Chronicle: High Five Rates: XP/SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil - x50, Boss - x1, Quest - x1 Enchant: Safe - 3, Max - 16 All retail features: Olympiad, clans, castle sieges, raid/grand bosses, crafting, all retail drop items and much more. No custom items. Automated events. Mini events. Advanced community board. Additional npc's: GM-shop, buffer, gk and others. Custom zones: lvl zones, pvp zone. Additional features: Champion mobs, pvp rewards, vote rewards, in game commands and more. @everyone Join us and have fun!:fire:
L2GloryDays - OBT/Live Launch
01.07.22 12:00 - 01.12.22 12:00
Grand Opening 01.07.2022 - 20:00 UTC+2!
05.09.22 12:00 - 01.01.25 12:00
Grand Mystery Events every Sunday
L2Etina - IL x3
Grand Opening
16.09.22 12:00 - 28.10.22 12:00
Grand Opening 16 September 2022
Promotion with a prize fund of 5 000 dollars and the launch of a bonus start - Sep 24!
24.09.22 12:00 - 08.10.22 12:00
Dear players! Due to a number of updates, we decided to organize a bonus start and a cash promotion for 5 000 dollars for everyone who wants to join our community. Special bonuses for new characters and a money race will give a good opportunity for accelerated development and involvement in the subsequent gameplay. Briefly about the bonus start: The holding period is 14 days from the date of launch. Applies to all new characters created after September 24th at 20:00 GMT +3. Level range 1 - 40 (inclusive). What bonuses will be given out: Coupons for temporary equipment No/D-Grade. Changed rates: EXP/SP x5, Adena x2, Drop x2, Spoil x2. Premium account rates: EXP/SP x5.5, Adena x2.5, Drop x2.5, Spoil x2.5. All new characters created after the launch of the promotion are eligible to participate in the " 1st on the server " promotion.
Open Beta
30.09.22 12:00 - 01.10.22 12:00
Grand Oppening 30Spetember!!!!