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  • Server Rank: Rank of the site 170
  • Language: ES
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: saphira
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: H5
  • Published:2009-04-17 10:53 PM
  • Votes from users: 0

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 5X
  • Skillpoints rate: 8X
  • Adena rate: 8X
  • Drop rate: 8X
  • Safe Enchant: 4
  • Max Enchant: 16

Social Share

  1. Eventos :
    * GiftOfVitality

    * HeavyMedal

    * TheValentineEvent

    * FreyaCelebration

    * MasterOfEnchanting

    * AprilFools

    * ChristmasIsHere

    * HallowedYou

    * HollyCow

    * L2Day

    * NinjaAdventures

    * SchoolDays

    * SquashEvent

    * SuperStar

    * TrickorTransmutation

    Classic Events :
    * Town War Event.

    * Team vs. Team Round Event Engine.

    * Team vs. Team Event Engine.

    * Achievements Event. ( evento de logros y avances en el game personalizable ). by jhacox

    * Happy Hours . by kimeraweb

    * PC Bang Points.

    Phoenix Engine :
    * Battlefield

    * Bomb

    * CTF

    * DeathMatch

    * Domination

    * Double_Domination

    * Last_Man_Standing

    * Lucky_Chests

    * Mutant

    * Russian Roulette
    * Simon_Says

    * TvT

    * VIPTvT

    * Zombie
    Mods :
    v Champions.

    v Super-Champions.

    v MultiFunctionZone.

    v CustomPvPzone.

    v AutoFlagPvP ( cambia nombre del pj al azar al entrar ).

    v Olympiadas Custom Period.

    v Chat System ( PvP - Level ).

    v PvP Color System.

    v Rank Manager ( arena - fisherman - craft - tvt ).

    v Wedding System ( casamientos ).

    v Fantasy Isle Tournament.

    v Welcome message.

    v Mana Support PvP.

    v Newbie Welcome Message on lv1.

    v Quake System PvP - Pk .by fissban

    v. Killing Spree System.

    v Vote Buff

    v Announce Castle Lords On Login.

    v Announce Heros On Login.

    v Announce Take Castles.

    v Custom Start Title.

    v Sistema de Recompensa por PVP / PK. by xander.

    v Cambiar moneda en Private Store (Buy/Sell) . by xander.

    v Adventure Guide Style Goddes. by fissban.

    v Efecto Skill cuando el char esta en modo Shop Offline.

    v Comando /unstuck Skill Animacion Configurable.

    v Sistema de Consumibles Infinitos.

    v Anuncio Clase Oponente en Olimpiadas.

    v Clan Leader Color Name.

    v Disable Chat Pj Dead.

    v Refine (augment) PVP items.

    v Custom Clan Halls. by Gnacik

    v Balance Class System

    v Cancel Return Buffs.

    v Leave Buffs on Die.

    v Community Board PvP.

    v All in One System NPC.

    v Fake Npcs.

    v Autorestart Gameserver - Loginserver.

    v Prime Shop ( Prime Points se cargan en base de datos -> characters -> prime_points )
    Vote System:
    v Reward System para las paginas: Topzone - Hopzone - L2jBrasil - ***********. by fissban.

    v Reward System Global Reward. by fissban.

    v Npc Vote Engine Vortex.
    Items Customs :
    · Hoods.

    · Helmets.

    · Wings.

    · Set Sacrifice.

    · Sets Goddes of Destruction.

    · Armas Goddes of Destruction.

    · Joyas Goddes of Destruction.

    · Infinity Weapons Goddes of Destruction.

    · Custom Tattoos Stats.

    · Capa Batman.

    · Capa Superman.

    · Pelo de Baium.

    · Zaken Hat.

    · Zaken Swords.

    · Cerificado VIP para Buffer +30 ( durabilidad 30 dias).
    Protecciones :
    v Proteccion Overenchant.

    v Antibot System. by fissban.

    v Dual Box l2ps system.

    Npc's :
    v Nobles x PvP.

    v Top Ranking ( tvt fisherman craft pvp ).

    v Rewarder ( Archivements Event )

    v Delevel

    v Boss Spawn.

    v GM-Shop.

    v Gatekeeper Global.

    v Siege-Info ( All in One NPC ).

    v Warehouse.

    v Top PvP - Pk.

    v Augment Npc's.

    v Enchant Npc's.

    v Change Sex Npc.

    v Change Name Npc.

    v Server Info.

    v Scheme Buffer.

    v Scheme Buffer VIP. ( acces level 1 )

    v Buffer.

    v Clan Fame Trade.

    v Talisman Shop.

    v Forgotten Scrolls Shop.

    v Buffer +30 VIP.

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