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01/02/2022 12:41
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Server Features

XP Rate: 150
SP Rate: 150
Adena Rate: 50
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 25
Safe Enchant: 7
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Rates EXP/SP x150. Adena x50. Weight Limit x15. Augmentation Skill chance 5/10/20/40. Glow disabled. Can use 1 active and 1 passive. (retail) Active skills increased time to 20 minutes. Buffs 24 free slots. 4 divine inspiration slots. (need to learn) Duration 120 minutes. (2 hours) Self-buffs do not take up slots. Castle Sieges On Sundays at 16:00. Max. 10 clans. Grants 40 points to the winning clan. (clan score) Clan No penalty. Max. 1 clan per ally. (large flag) Max. 40 members per clan. (main clan) Royals and Knights disabled. Max. 27 members in Epic Boss. Max. 18 members in Raidboss. Enchant Normal: Chance 70%. Max. Weapon +15, Armor +10. Blessed: Chance 90%. Max. Weapon +20, Armor +15. Giants: Chance 20%. Max. Weapon +25, Armor +20. Giants failed? Keep the enchantment. Events Death Match - The objective is to be the player with the most deaths. Domination - The objective is to have more players close to the zone. For every second that a team has more players near the zone, they earn one point. The team with the most points wins. Double Domination - The goal is to have more players close to both zones. If a team has more players in both zones for 8 seconds, they earn a point. After a team is scored, both teams return to their starting locations. The team with the most points wins. Last Man Standing - The objective is to be the last player alive. Lucky Chests - The goal is to have the most chests successfully opened. There is a chance that the chest will explode and kill you. The event ends when all chests are opened or time runs out. The player with the most open chests wins. If there is more than 1 player with max score, the first player to get max score wins. Team vs Team - The objective is to get more kills than the enemy team. VIP Team vs Team - The objective is to kill the VIP player of the enemy team. The team receives points for each VIP kill. The VIP player changes after each kill. The team with the most VIP kills wins. Capture the Flag - Each team has a flag they must protect. If a team takes the enemy flag and brings it back, it will be scored. The team with the most flags won wins. Russian Roluette - Each player must choose one chest per round. Each round lasts 10 seconds. The green nick means you have chosen a chest. If you don't choose a chest, you die. If your chest dies, you die. The winners are all players who survived the last chest. Bomb Fight - All players receive a new skill 'Bomb'. This is the only skill you can deal damage with. 3 seconds after placing a bomb, all surrounding enemies die and you score. The team with the most kills wins. Mutant - A random player becomes a mutant. Only mutant can score. All others can kill only the mutant and earn 1 event coin for each kill. The objective is to kill as much as possible as a mutant. If there is more than 1 player with a high score, the first player with a high score wins. Hunting Grounds - Each player receives a bow, each attack is a kill. The team with the most kills wins. Raid in the Middle - The team that kills the Raidboss wins. If you die to Raidboss, you will be resurrected within seconds. If you die to an enemy player, you can only be resurrected by one player on your team. If no one kills the Raidboss, it's a draw. Korean TvT - In each round, a certain amount of random players is chosen from each team. The amount chosen depends on the number of registered players. The chosen players from each team fight each other. When a team loses all chosen players, new random players from the team are chosen for the next round. The team that survives the last round wins. Treasure Hunt - The objective is to be the first to find a chest. A player can find more than one chest. For each chest opened, the player receives 1 event coin. The first to find a chest wins. Player vs Player - Earn fame point/score with every kill. (top fame) Tournament - Battle in individual or team mode. Party Farm - Fight against monsters and enemy teams in a pvp zone. Additional Information Automatic withdrawal. (auto loot) Automatic skill learning. 120 inventory slots. Chat filter - for illegal words. Global chat, delay 10 sec. Offline store. (open the store and close the game) Shift + click on the monsters to see the drop list. Spawn protection for 30 seconds. Max. 2 sessions per pc. Automatic restart Monday at 07:00. Olympiads Weekly cycle. Ends Monday at 12:00. Battle period: 20:00-00:00. Start battles: 5 registered players. No class-based battles. Tie does not lose points. Max. Enchant +10. Hero skills are retail. PvP Armor Bonus Add PvP stats on A-Grade and S-Grade armor. To add the PvP bonus you need fame points. Fame points are obtained for each kill made in the pvp event. The assigned status is informed in the item description. Raid Bosses Common raids - respawn time between 12-24 hours. Barakiel - respawn time between 4-6 hours. With the exception of Last Titan Utenus and Hekaton Prime, the other RBs are in the PvP area. Queen Ant - Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 22:00. Core - Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00. Orfen - Tuesday and Thursday at 21:00. Zaken - Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 20:00. Frintezza - Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday at 22:00. (random 15 minutes. Command channel, Min. 2 - Max. 3 parties.) Baium - Friday at 22:00. (random 15 minutes) Antharas - Saturday at 20:00. Valakas - Sunday at 20:00. All epics are in PvP area and will be dead at the inauguration. Subclass & Noblesse Free subclass. (no quest) Add subclass to all Village Masters. Max. 5 subclasses. Elves can subclass Dark Elves and vice versa. Subclass without class restriction. Noblesse by last hit Barakiel. Voice Commands .menu - main features including auto farm and auto potion. .vip - panel with 36 skins and 28 colors for name and title. .time - current server time. (for international players) .fame - check your fame score. (top fame) .clanscore - check your clan score. (clan score) Changes All cancel skills remove buffs for 10 seconds. Cancellation increased reuse time x5 and chance to 100. Deflect Arrow increased power from 40 to 60. Mirage reduced chance from 80 to 60, time from 60s to 30s. Dodge increased the time from 5s to 30s, reuse time x2. Counterattack increased the time from 5s to 10s, reuse time x2. Touch of Death increased chance from 80 to 100. Arrest range increased from 150 to 600. (like shackle) Stun/Shock effect time reduced to 5 seconds. FOI works like in GF. (removed on any action except movement) Major Arcana Set 15% cast speed, 2% m.atk. instead of 17% m.atk. Imperial Staff adds Acumen instead of Empower. All settings and functionality not reported here are either retail or considered irrelevant.