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26/11/2021 22:06
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Server Features

XP Rate: 55
SP Rate: 55
Adena Rate: 200
Drop Rate: 2
Max Enchant: 21
Safe Enchant: 3
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Server: Interlude PTS (L2OFF) -Stage (55x) Server: - Interlude (C6) - XP: 55x - SP: 55x - Spoil: 15x - ADENA: 200x Skills: - 100% Off. - Auto learning skills. - Some skills have been modified: - -Touch of life and Restore life only for group members, so they cannot be used to restore the life of RB. - Buffs only for group members (made on purpose so that there are no debuffs). -System of checking skills -Maximum distance of the skill "Transfer Pain" is 1500 (players will not be able to hide their summons far). Olympiad: -Weekly: 4 hours a day (2 hours at 10 pm and in the morning according to server time) -Minimum 5 participants are required to start fights -Only A grade objects with safe sharpening are allowed at the Olympiad. -Only outside class battles. Subclass & Nobless: -To obtain the subclass , all RBs and lunargents with hellfire oil are required (Some items were added to the GM shop); -Nobless quest: complete. Clans and Castles: -Implemented a complete interlude clan system. The maximum clan level is 8 with clan skills. -Clans in the alliance: maximum 3 -No penalties for leaving the clan or kick from the clan -Castle sieges weekly, on weekends. There are 2 siege castles available, the number of available castles will be increased depending on the players in the Farm Zones : -Elven Fortress [Level 80 Difficulty: Medium-Hard] -School of Dark Arts [Level 80 Difficulty: Medium-Hard] -Forge of the Gods [Level 80 Difficulty: Medium-Hard] -Cave of Trials [Level 72+ Difficulty: Medium] -Elven Ruins [Level 52+] -Around RB implemented PVP zone Additional features: -Offline shops. -No XP limit (A level 80 player can swing players of any level) -Implemented a system of rewards for PVP -Auto loot for Farm + NO Auto loot for Boss -NPC buffer in Giran has almost all the buffs that AIO buffers have (All buffs are available in the game). -AIO and NPC buffs last 2 hours and 30 minutes. Character buffs last for Ofu. -Implemented NPCs in Giran with all the necessary items / things. -Increased weight limit -No penalty for death -Available commands .expon / .expoff -Limited trade radius (to avoid the creation of private shops next to other players and NPCs) -Implemented system of attributes -Augmentation system -implemented -Removed Herbs Enchant Rates : -Safe sharpening for weapons: +5, maximum: +23 -Sharpening with an ordinary scroll: safe up to +5 -Armor / Jewelry: safe sharpening +3 (+4 for solid armor), maximum sharpening +10 -Armor / Jewelry safe sharpening with ordinary scroll: +3 Items: -Weapons with double SA drop from RB and added to the GM shop. -Promisance Armor drops from RB or through modified crafting. -Epic armors can be bought in the GM shop.