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L2Zariche Custom PvP

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 5000X
  • Skillpoints rate: 5000X
  • Adena rate: 5000X
  • Drop rate: 5000X
  • Safe Enchant: 4
  • Max Enchant: 20

Social Share

  1. [Server Rates] Exp/SP: x5000 Party Exp/SP: x2 Quest Exp/SP: x2 Adena: x100 Drop: x100 Quest Drop: x2 Quest Adena: x2 Spoil: x3 Raid Boss Drop: x2 Karma Drop: 60?rm Economy: Come full in 16 Hours split by 4 days (4hours a day) [Enchant Rates] Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +16 With Blessed Scrolls Max Enchant Weapon = +16 With Blessed Scrolls Max Enchant Armor & Jewels = +20 With Crystall Scrolls Max Enchant Weapon = +20 With With Crystall Scrolls Safe Enchant = +4 Normal enchant scroll rate = 55% Blessed enchant scroll rate = 100% Crystal scrolls rate = 100% Normal Scroll - If Enchant fails item broke [Events] DeathMatch Team vs Team Domination Double Domination Last Man Standing Lucky Chests Simon Says VIP Team vs Team Capture The Flag Mutant Korean TvT [NPCs] GMShop & Customs Shop Global Gatekeeper Custom Buffer Exchanger Top 20 PvP / PK / Clan Boss Manager Augmenter Skill Enchanter Vote Manager Castle Manager Password Changer [Customs Armors] Epic Armor Abyssal Armor VIP Armor [Custom Weapons] Epic Weapons Abyssal Weapons Demonic Weapons [Custom Raid Jewels] Hell Jewels Kadesh Jewels [Extreme Items] Custom Tattoos Custom Accessories Custom Wings Custom Agathions Custom Shields [Custom Skills MultiSkills] 75 Active Skills 65 Passive Skills And special skills: Super haste lv 1-4 Akamanah lv 1-6 Zariche lv 1-6 Boss Haste lv 1-6 [Server Mods and Extra Features] Startup lvl 79 with top starter items: Abyssal Armor, Epic Weapon, Hell Jewels Farm Economy 1-2 Hours then 2-3 Days for learn custom skills Max one Siege only Giran for more PvP Restricted All Custom Skills and Items in Olympiad Games PvP Medals earn from Events and PvP's Hard rules for PK'ers 60% Drop Items from PK. Gold Coins earn from Farm Mobs in all Areas in GK and from Votes Dynamic Zone and Bosses, get extra Gold Coins with High rates Fixed all customs one by one from Dev Teams Fixed all balanced classes one by one tested by Dev Teams Donated items you can get by Farming Gold Coins and PvP Medals Exchange your Top Farmed item for Free Donate Coins Now All mobs drop blue eva to exchange for free Donations


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