Lineage II Waytrel

General Informations

08/04/2020 14:19
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Server Features

XP Rate: 100
SP Rate: 100
Adena Rate: 1
Drop Rate: 1
Max Enchant: 16
Safe Enchant: 4
GM Shop
NPC Buffer
Global GK
Custom Zones
Custom Weapons
Custom Armors
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Rates & Enchantment
- Safe enchant: +4
- Max enchant: +12 (+16 with crystal).
- Normal scroll chance: 40% (in case of failure, goes back to +0)
- Blessed scroll chance: 60% (in case of failure, goes back to +4)
- Crystal scroll chance: 80% (in case of failure, goes back to +12)
- High Grade Lifestone: 7%
- Top Grade Lifestone: 12%

Buffs & Skills
The buff system needs a little explaination. Because, we want to keep the retail level of buff system there are 26 (+4) buff slots available. The buffs which are counting at buff slots are the buffs of the Magic Support NPC and a list of resists (which resists are available at Magic Support NPC). All the other buffs/skills are not counting at buff slots.
- Buff Blocker skill (blocks unwanted buffs).
- Cancellation returns canceled buffs after 7 seconds.
- Cleanse is not removing Malaria buffs anymore.
- Available buff slots: 26 (+4 from Divine Inspiration).
- Divine Inspiration books can be found at Custom Merchant and from raid/grand bosses loot.
- Many buffs are not counting at buff slots (for example active augment skills, heroic valor, nobless).
- Reworked augmentation skillmap (removed all useless skills).
- Improved attack active skills for support classes (like Stone, Prominence and so on).
- Available augments: 1 active & 1 passive.
- 2 hours buff duration.
- Saving your buff sets option is available.
- Ready-made buff sets are available too.
- Summoning pets isn't requiring mob's corpse anymore.
- Vote Blessing is available at Magic Supporter (you have to vote all vote sites to use it).

Grand Olympiad
- Daily schedule is from 18:00 to 00:00 (GMT+2).
- New heroes every sunday at 12:00 PM (GMT+2).
- Skill refreshing after each fight.
- Your enchant counts as +4 while in olympiad game (enchantment doesn't change, only stats).
- If you are hero, you have only Heroic Valor on sub classes.
- Olympiad manager shows ranking and points for each character.
- Ranking updated after every match.
- Information for daily & weekly olympiad period.
- Hero weapons are now enchantable & playable.
- Class-based games removed.
- Minimum 4 participants for non-classed games.
- Nobless Gate Pass has been replaced with Kalie's Token for every olympiad fight victory.
- After olympiad fight, a window pops up with all details of the fight.

Siege & Clan
- Available castle for siege: Rune.
- Siege for Rune is every Sunday at 17:00.
- The crest of the clan who owns a castle, will be shown at their town.
- Starting level is 5.
- Increasing level prices are based on server's currency.
- Creating royal/knight units has one and only requirement, clan's level.
- Clan eggs for skill learning are available at Custom Merchant.
- All clan penalties are disabled.
- Real clan ranking system based on server's activities (based on Ranking Points and NOT Reputation Points).
- Every week the top 1 clan based on ranking, will be kindly rewarded.
- Detailed information referring to ranking points & reputation points can be found at Maximilian (Clan section).

PvP & PK
- Unique reward for pvp inside massive pvp zone, arena & events (Kalie's Box).
- Killing a player with karma is counted as pvp.
- If you die while having karma, the whole karma is getting cleaned.
- There is 10% chance to drop items in case of having karma.
- Protection against pvp feeding.
- Several announcements regarding your pvp count.
- Title colors based on pvp count.
- You can earn reputation points by killing a clan war player.
- Modified /duel with reward (requestor & target should have atleast 1 Kalie's Token, winner takes it from loser).
- Unique & non-spam death recap (information about killer).
- Extra reward in case of stopping enemy's killing spree.
- Dynamic pvp zone which changing every 1 hour (auto flag, auto nobless, random respawns & stat restoring - you can leave by pressing To Village button or you can respawn by pressing Respawn button).
- Top 3 players based on pvp kills inside PvP zone will be rewarded after zone changing.

Events & Entertainment
All events are running 24/7.
- Automatic event engine with 6 global events (Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Raid in the middle, Last man standing, Ultra rapid fire).
- Lucky Manager with 2 passive events (Betting, Dice rolling).
- PC Bang Points (1 point per hour online).
- Sunday funday: siege of Rune (17:00 GMT+2), announcing winner clan based on ranking (23:00 GMT+2), new heroes (23:59 GMT+2).

General Information
- Perfect geodata & pathnodes.
- Spawn & teleport protection.
- Player's spawn protection delay is 7 seconds.
- Auto learn skills & auto loot (for bosses, the loot is dropped).
- Increased inventory slots.
- /unstuck command with 15 seconds teleport delay.
- Death penalty is disabled.
- Delevel is disabled.
- In any case (dying, unstuck etc.) you are getting teleported to Main Town.
- Global chat (!) is worldwide.

Additional Information
- All NPCs are available in main town.
- Available sub classes: 5
- All sub classes are available at Maximilian.
- Soulshots & arrows are inconsumable.
- Stackable enchant scrolls, life stones and skill enchant books.
- Custom quest-like nobless system.
- Voting system for events and portable event functions by typing /events
- Character inventory inspection by typing /inspect on target to avoid corruption.
- Enchant announcement when reaching the top enchant.
- Individual voting system with real IP check of voting.
- Global voting system which is rewarding only 1 client per IP.
- You are able to trade augmentations like any other weapon. The augmentation effects on the weapon are visible when hovering the weapon in the Trade Window.
- You are getting rewarded for every level increased.

Farming & Raiding
- Perfect designed farm zones including protection for new characters.
- Chaotic party zone for more pvp & farm action.
- Champion monsters with extra rewards.
- Shift + Click on monsters/bosses shows the droplist.
- Raid curse is disabled.
- Announcement for raid boss spawn/death.
- 5 special raid bosses & 5 grand bosses.
- Information about raid/grand bosses (drops, respawn date) can be found at Raid Manager NPC.
- Dungeons with 3 rooms including 1 Dungeon Boss inside each room. They drop Dungeon Treasures and inside you can find Letters. Spell words and get rewarded.

Equipment & Items
- Elder Cloak providing extra HP/CP & attack/casting speed.
- Titanium Armors slightly better than S grade armors.
- Major Arcana Armor has same stats as Dark Crystal Armor.
- Raid boss jewels are available only at drop of grand bosses & Yogi's Box (really low chance).
- All accessories are increasing 17% the base value of character's speed (including hero & castle lord accessories).

- Adena > Can be dropped from farm monsters.
- Mouse Coin > Can be dropped from farm monsters, raid & grand bosses.
- Kalie's Token > Can be dropped from Champion monsters. Also, can be found as reward from events, vote, olympiad, duel.
- Iris' Letter (for nobless) > Can be dropped from raid & grand bosses.
- Kalie's Box > Can be obtained from winning a pvp fight (contains random rewards).
- Yogi's Box > Can be dropped from farm monsters (contains raid boss jewels with really low chance).
- Dungeon Treasure > Can be dropped from Dungeon Bosses (contains random letters).

Useful Commands
- /inspect - /information - /events - /duel - /direct
- /gmlist - /partymatching - /friendinvite - /frienddel - /friendlist - /unstuck - /allblock - /allunblock - /olympiadstat