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  • Server Rank: Rank of the site 675
  • Language: English
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: mateusz-ildbj
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Published:2018-05-01 09:56 AM
  • Votes from users: 0
  • Online checker:

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 50X
  • Skillpoints rate: 50X
  • Adena rate: 10X
  • Drop rate: 30X
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16

Social Share

  1. Welcome to L2Backstab! We are pleased to announce that our server will enter beta phase on 2018-05-05! Server rates: Exp: x50/x20/x15* SP: x50/x20/x15* Adena: x10 Drop: x30 Spoil: x15 *Rates depends on which subclass you are currently playing: Main/First sub/Second sub At the beta stage, rates will be increased x500 for XP/SP. Beta will last until 2018-06-05. All accounts will be wiped after that! Server features: 1. Unique subclass system After you collect 1500 Rift Stones (see below) and get 3rd class on subclass, you will be able to transfer one passive and one active skill from your subclass to your main class. 2. Massive PvPs on Rift zones From low 55 level PvPs in Giran Rift Zone, though mid 68 level in Aden Rift Zone, ending on high 78 level PvP in Goddard Rift Zone. (Players with higher level will be teleported to town). 3. Epic sieges Owning a castle will be way more important, it will give you abillity to teleport into rift zones ! 4. Retail like balance Old but good Interlude - as it should be. Every character is playable, and also powerful if you know how to play it. 5. Limited NPC buffers 1. Town buffer with PP Buffs up to 75 LvL (30 min duration) 2. Clan Hall buffer with PP (75 LvL, 30 min) plus COV, POWind/Water, POF (10 min duration) 3. Castle buffer with PP (75 LvL, 30 min) plus COV, POWind/Water, POF (10 min duration), and dances (10 min daration) ...and many more! No class quests (they are boring!), autolearn for skills, GM shop with low B grade, manadrugs with nerfed mana regen, improved summoners and (of course) daggers! Trick/switch switches the target to nearby characters now, as it always should be wink * * * Our server is capable to hold thousand of players, and is administrated by an old Lineage 2 fan, with deep knowledge of game and programming. No donate – Admin is rich enoungh to afford his hobby smile No custom items. Anti DdoS system Anti bot system. Helpful and friendly staff. Fast reactions to issues guaranteed. Admin and GMs are only ghosts, disallowed to play actively. Software: Heavilly modified, improved to work as on retail L2ACiS files.


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