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L2 KaYa

  • Server Rank: Rank of the site 617
  • Language: English
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: l2mythical
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Published:2018-02-27 04:51 PM
  • Votes from users: 0
  • Online checker:

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 6666X
  • Skillpoints rate: 6666X
  • Adena rate: 1X
  • Drop rate: 1X
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16

Social Share

  1. Rates: Xp:x6666 Sp:x6666 Drop:x1 Adena:x1

    NO Custom items
    Enchant: Safe + 3, Max Blessed +14, Max Crystal 16.
    Normal Scroll 80%, Blessed Scroll 100%, Crystal Scroll 66%.

    Lifestone: Mid:5%, High:10%, Top:15%.

    Npc:Gm Shop, Npc Buffer, Rb Jewels Shop, Vote Shop, Event Shop, Vote manager, Global Gatekeeper, Augument Shop, Boss manager.

    Zones: Level Up zone, Adena zone with 2 different spawns, KaYa coins zone with 4 different spawns,
    Safe farm zone, Lifestone zone with 4 different spawns, PvP Zone with 10 Unique Maps.

    Buff time 5 Hours, Max buff Count 46, Max DeBuff Count 5.

    Castle Sieges Every 2 Days Giran, Aden, Oren and Goddard.
    Every clan that holds a Castle after the siege gets bonus items.

    20 different RaidBosses.

    Adena drop reworked for better economy.
    Auto Flag on hit Raidboss.
    Anti Buff shield.
    No invites party, clan in Oly.
    Autoflag In PvP Zone.
    PvP Killing Spree system.
    PvP/Pk Colour system with 15 different colours.
    No weight limit.
    Offline Shop system.
    All Sub Classes in one npc.
    Auto skill learn.
    .repair comand for stuck chars.
    .online comand.
    .tvtjoin comand.
    Noblesse Item.
    Hero for 24h Item obtainable from RaidBosses.
    Auto Potions.
    4 Different Tattoos.
    Startup System which gives you a chance to take choose your newbie equipment.
    No lag, Powerful DDos protected host.
    Easy Donate system which does not ruin economy.
    All core and datapack bugs fixed.
    Smart Guard Antibot protection.
    Good balance beetween all classes.
    Good balance in Olympiad Battles.
    Debuffs reworked.
    Some textures reworked to reduce lag on Mass PvP.
    Working Petition system.

    TvT event every hour.

    Olympiad starts Tuesday 18:00 ends 24:00.
    Heroes changes on Sunday 24:00.

    And the most important thing friendly and helpful L2KaYa staff, who will always find time to listen to your ideas,
    and help you in Game.
    Join us and enjoy easy farm, Mass PvP and intance Olympiad Battles on Good Luck.


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