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  • Server Rank: Rank of the site 491
  • Language: English
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: Γιώργος-lyxem
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Published:2018-01-04 09:19 PM
  • Votes from users: 0
  • Online checker:

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 25X
  • Skillpoints rate: 25X
  • Adena rate: 15X
  • Drop rate: 10X
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16

Social Share

  1. Dear players,March 9th we will be inaugurating the newest and best Interlude Server of all time. With a highly qualified and prepared team.La2Prime will bring all tradition and gameplay from one of the best versions of this wonderful universe, Lineage2 Interlude.

    Xp/Sp :25
    Adena : 15
    Drop : 10
    Spoil : 10

    Game Play

    Vip System Xp/Sp/Drop/Spoil : x2
    Siege Reward System
    Event Every Day
    No Donate things affect the game balance
    Champion Mobs – Rewards x8 and Champion Coin
    Buffs time – 2 hours
    Npc Buff – All buffs
    Dont have hot springs buff, resists and summon buffs
    Sub-class free (No quest)

    In the store is available all consumables.
    Shots, potions, crystals and etc…
    Weapons, armor and jewelry until B-grade
    When creating a new character is given such an items:
    Top No Grade + Soulshots: No grade + Scroll of Escape + 50000 aden

    We are waiting for you


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