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  • Server Rank: Rank of the site 115
  • Language: English
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: asgota
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Published:2017-07-17 07:12 PM
  • Votes from users: 1
  • Online checker:

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 7X
  • Skillpoints rate: 7X
  • Adena rate: 6X
  • Drop rate: 5X
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16

Social Share

  1. Server Settings: (BETA)
    Exp/SP/Adena x15
    Drop/Spoil x10
    Quest Item / Reward x10
    Oly 24/7
    RB Chance x10 Amount x1
    Epic x1
    Raid Boss Respawn 30sec
    Epic Boss Respawn 24h

    Everyone player recive:
    Super Haste 4 - Only Speed boost
    2kkk Adena
    Access to LvL UP/Down NPC.
    Access to Full Buffer with 2h Buffs
    Access to GM/s
    Access to Class Master w/o 3rd class

    We add for all special command's for better testing:
    //move_to - teleports menu, everywhere....
    //teleportto <nick> - teleport to player
    //open - You can Open every Doors
    //close - You can Close every Doors
    //invul - Immortality (ON/OFF)
    //set_level <1> - Change your level.
    //kill_monster - You can kill monster on your target
    //res_monster - You can res monster on your targ
    //sethero - Hero Status for you.
    //setnoble - Noblesse Status for you.
    //tele - More complex teleport


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