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L2 Midwars

  • Server Rank: Rank of the site not ranked yet!
  • Language: English
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: Lineage 2 Midwars
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Published:2017-02-12 03:19 PM
  • Votes from users: 0
  • Online checker:

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 30X
  • Skillpoints rate: 30X
  • Adena rate: 20X
  • Drop rate: 8X
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 16

Social Share

  1. Information Server time: GMT +2 Server platform: L2J - Private Sources Server Rates Xp: x30 Sp: x30 Adena: x20 Drop x8 Spoil x12 PartyXp: x1.5 PartySp: x1.5 Enchant Rates Safe Enchant: +3 Max Enchant: +16 Simple Scroll: 55% Blessed Scroll: 58% Augmentations: Mid life stone skill chance 8% High life stone skill chance 10% Top life stone skill chance 12% General Features: Gm Shop till B grade NPC Buffer (without resist buffs) Gatekeeper Subclas without quest Nobless Quest (300 Moonstone shards + 150kk) Buff Time 2h Buff Slots 24 AutoLoot Auto-Learn Skill Allow Dual-Box AutoLoot Mana Potions Mammons are in Towns Olympiad 18:00 end 00:00 Hero every week Castle Sieges Working Clan Hall Working Four Sepulchers Fully workable geodata and pathnode Offline Shop system All Quests working .menu: Disable/Enable Functions Bosses Respawn: Normal Bosses: 20H +4 Random Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 5h + 1 Random Host Details: CPU: AMD Phenom X4 9850 2,5 GHz RAM: 16 GB DDR3 HDD: 2x 160 GB HDD SATA II Switch port 100 Mb/s


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