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Lineage II Fortuna

  • Server Rank: Rank of the site not ranked yet!
  • Language: English
  • Server Geolocation:
  • Owner: L2FortunaPvP
  • Webpage:
  • Chronicle: H5
  • Published:2017-02-05 08:36 PM
  • Votes from users: 0
  • Online checker:

Server Rates

  • Experience rate: 1000X
  • Skillpoints rate: 1000X
  • Adena rate: 1X
  • Drop rate: 3X
  • Safe Enchant: 3
  • Max Enchant: 12

Social Share

  1. Server Rates:
    Experience (XP): x1000
    Skill Points (SP): x1000
    Adena: x1
    Drop: x3
    RaidBoss Drop: x5

    Server Enchants:
    Safe Enchant: +3
    Maximum Enchant: +12
    Normal Enchant Scroll: 65%
    Blessed Enchant Scroll: 75%
    Divine Enchant Scroll: 50% (When enchant fails, the existing enchant value is retained.)
    Element Crystal: 100% (At once level 7)

    Server Buffs:
    Buffs, Dances and Songs duration: 3 Hours
    Buff Slots: 32+4
    Dance and Songs Slots: 16

    Server Features:
    Killing Sprees:
    You are rewarded temporary hero once you accumulate 30 kills without dying or logging out.
    You will get a message at 25 kill that you're on a killing spree. But once you reach 30, it will announce to the server that So-And-So is on a killing spree!
    When on a killing spree you have access to all the Hero skills.
    There are 2 other announcements, Rampage at 60 kills, and Postal at 90. When you die while on a killing spree, it will announce the amount of kills you had, and who killed you and you will lose your hero, unless you were Postal, in which case you will still have hero for 1 more death, but your "spree" will be over.

    Custom Raid Bosses:
    When a Raid Boss is spawned, it will announce which one and who killed it with their clan name.

    PvP Name Colors:
    In L2Fortuna we believe it's necessary to be able to show off as much as possible. So why not have corresponding name colors to show how much you've owned other players.

    Auto Potions:
    Automatic use Mana Potion, Greater Healing Potion and CP Potions to activate type .autopots. You can also also ctrl-click the potions in your inventory to activate/deactivate the auto usage.
    Castle Cloaks:
    Unique cloaks which can be worn by clans leader and members whom owns castles.

    Detailed Mob Stat Viewer:
    This is pretty self explanatory as seen below. Any Mob, or Raid Boss can be Shift+Clicked to bring up the Stat Viewer. Paying attention to the Special Modifiers are a must when raiding a boss.

    Report System:
    System which as the function of reporting those player who are botting / opening shop in town or verbally abuse of someone, use it only when you're sure about it.

    Archievements Menu:
    Customized section where you can see some mini quest about our features as pvp/raid/clan war and get some unique rewards from completing one or more of em.
    Stats Menu:
    A special menu which can be used by players to see someone else's stats by simply using shift + click on target.

    Custom Instance:
    Instance, our daily instance has been coded by Alkon, and will allow newer players to gear up quickly, this instance is designed for a 3 man party, if you enter with 3 and someone leaves, the drops from the last boss will be lesser than what it would have been. Kamaloka is geared toward new players looking to level up quickly and get low tier items quickly

    Additional Features:
    Advance PvP Feed Protection (In order to avoid feeding PvP's, we've added this system which will stop Players feeding for their PvP count.
    If you kill someone more than once in 25 seconds period the PvP won't count and your PvP count will be reduced by 1.)

    Champion System (System which randomly spawns some Champion mobs which are harder to kill but will reward you with more drops)
    Weekly TW Every Saturday
    Weekly Sieges Every Sunday
    Free Subclass, Sub-Class Max. Level: 85
    Class Master Available
    Auction System (Special menu from which you can access by Community Board tab, allows the players to have a simplified way to find the items they're searching from the offline shops it works only with apiga, not adena.)
    Certifications (Service which can be found into the community board service menu, allows the player to get certification skills from their subclasses.)
    Ranking Menu (Menu that shows the detailed pvp/pk ranking continuously updated to keep you informed about your position into the pk/pvp list.)
    Flawless Geodata and Geoengine
    PvP Assist System (System that rewards too player for killing flagged enemies into pvp zone/siege/tw, support classes will get rewarded too.)
    Cancel System (All the canceled buffs will return after 10 seconds)
    Maximum Sub classes: 10
    Community Board - ALT+B (Players console with all the functions / informations and menus you're gonna need in the server.)
    .dressme Option with various of custom suits and weapons Title Color NPC Custom Augment Shop Heroic Cloaks
    Mass PvP Zone:
    Inside Mass PvP Zone there are no restrictions. You can PvP there with your Clan/Party.
    Since there will be small Clans or Parties inside the Mass PvP Zone we've added the Assist PvP Reward System in order to help everyone to get PvP Rewards since our PvP Rewards will be needed for almost everything you'll need on our server when you'll get ready your gear from our Farm Zones.

    Solo PvP Zone:
    Inside Solo PvP Zone names and clan/ally crests are hidden and their names are replaced with their Class name.
    • You cannot speak inside Solo PvP Zone.
    • By entering Solo PvP Zone you're auto flagged.
    • If you die you will random respawn to 1 of our 4 spawn locations.

    Custom Commands
    .whoami (Detailed information about your character)
    .online (Shows online players count)
    .npcspawn (Manages the spawned NPCs into your clan hall)
    .getreward (Vote daily and get your reward)
    .report (Report a player or choose from tabs)
    .siege (Shows siege information)
    .castle (Shows castle information)
    .cfg (Character control panel)
    .changepassword (Changing the password on your account)
    .repair (Debug your character)
    .combinetalismans (Combines the remaning time of all talismans of the same type into one talisman)
    .ping (Check your latency to the server)
    .fp (Easy way to find a party for farm)

    Event Engine
    Team vs Team
    Capture the Flag
    Russian Roulette
    Treasure Hunt

    Olympiad System
    Olympiad Max. Enchant Armor: +6
    Olympiad Max. Enchant Weapon: +6
    Olympiad Max. Enchant Jewels: +6
    Olympiad Time Start: 18:00 GMT+2
    Olympiad Regist End: 23:50 GMT+2
    Olympiad Heroes Every week


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