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L2Erica PvP

  • Διακομιστής τάξη: Rank of the site 1614
  • Γλώσσα: English
  • Περιοχή:
  • Ιδιοκτήτης: arm-gulze
  • Ιστοσελίδα:
  • Χρονικό: Interlude
  • Δημοσιευμένη:2020-04-13 05:53 PM
  • Ψήφοι από τους χρήστες: 0
  • Online checker:

Τιμές Διακομιστής

  • Ποσοστό XP: 5000X
  • Ποσοστό SP: 5000X
  • ADENA ποσοστό: 5000X
  • Ποσοστό Drop: 5000X
  • Ασφαλής μαγεύουν: 8
  • Μαγεύουν Max: 20

Κοινωνικού Μοιράσματος

  1. Starting Level - 80 [PVP SERVER] Starting subclass level - 80 Maximum subclasses - 5 Noblesse last-hit barakiel or buy with farm token MAXIMUM CLAN SLOTS: 52 No alliance. CLAN SKILLS OBTAINABLE BY SLAYING SPECIAL RAID BOSS Titanium Armor obtainable by slaying bosses(100% chance) (+5-10?tter than DRACONIC/IMPERIAL/DARK CRYSTAL) Jade Armor Armor obtainable by farming coins (+5?tter by DRACONIC/IMEPRIAL/DARK CRYSTAL) Dinasty Armor obtainable by slaying bosses(20% chance) (+10-15?tter than DRACONIC/IMPERIAL/DARK CRYSTAL) Accesories added as special hats (+100 Pdef/Mdef) Dusk Custom Weapons obtainable by slaying bosses (+5-10?tter than retail weapons) Olympiad retail only , max enchant +6 DAILY LOGIN REWARD(24H) Flawless Geodata & Pathnodes Olympiad Games Retail like (with some custom restrictions) .offline / .menu Dressing system Assasin/Killer/Beleth/Dark/Draconic/Anakim Vote buff added(Def/HP/Patk) ANTI-BOT CAPTCHA SYSTEM TOURNAMENT SYSTEM ADDED (3X3/9X9) special rewards Party Matching & Boss Hunting You can search for party in our party matching system,for bosses, for pvp, for farm and ctrl. System works easy and smoothly, you only need to select what party you looking for, and our party matching system will automatically search a party that fits you! However, you can also see all the parties in in our server live, and ask leader to join them, by a just single button ''Party request''. To make the game easier and more enjoyable for both the solo and clan players we have created Instanced Dungeons which you can enter 12 hours Dungeon: Story mode(Solo) In this Dungeon you can only enter alone. There are 4 rooms with monsters that need to be killed. After each room is cleaned up, you proceed to the next stage. These monsters have good drops and are fairly easy to be killed. After the 4 first stages have been completed, you have 2 final stages to finish the dungeon! In the last 2 stages, you have to slay the Sons of Valzeroth! If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 UTC +3 Dungeon: Party mode(Hard) You can only enter this Dungeon with a full party. There are 5 rooms of monsters that need to be cleaned up. The mobs are x10 times stronger than the story mode. Like the story mode, after you finish cleaning up the rooms of monsters, you have to slay the Sons of Valzeroth! This is only the beginning though, since after you complete these 2 stages, you proceed to the final stage..... You have to slay Valzeroth the Forbidden himself! If you fail to complete the dungeon you cannot re-enter until next reset at 18:00 UTC +3 START LEVEL 80 IN MAIN TOWN - GIRAN Donation Coins can be farmed in-game to keep fairplay Rune Power Manager (Rune Pages drop at PT ZONE/BOSSES) (WIZZARD/HUNTER/TANK/SNIPER/BLESSED/WILD MAGIC) upgradeble up to level 10 , there are 6 different runes and can use only one at a time. There are 5 different party areas:Ol Mahum Checkpoint/Pagan Temple/Wasteland/Abandoned Camp/Fields of Sillence PARTY ZONE AVAILABLE BETWEEN 18:30 - 24:00 (GMT +2) PARTY ZONE CHANGING EVERY DAY PVP AREAS changing every hour In order to have a fair gameplay we added donate coins drop at Champions/Bosses/Party Zone(5-20% drop rate) 14 special Raid Bosses

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