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  • Διακομιστής τάξη: Rank of the site 1534
  • Γλώσσα: Portuguese
  • Περιοχή:
  • Ιδιοκτήτης: suportel22
  • Ιστοσελίδα:
  • Χρονικό: Interlude
  • Δημοσιευμένη:2020-03-26 04:57 AM
  • Ψήφοι από τους χρήστες: 0
  • Online checker:

Τιμές Διακομιστής

  • Ποσοστό XP: 50X
  • Ποσοστό SP: 50X
  • ADENA ποσοστό: 110X
  • Ποσοστό Drop: 10X
  • Ασφαλής μαγεύουν: 4
  • Μαγεύουν Max: 21

Κοινωνικού Μοιράσματος

  1. Rates: <br>
    Exp: x50 <br>
    Sp: x50 <br>
    Drop: x10 <br>
    Spoil: x5 <br>
    Adena: x110 <br>
    - Starting character:10 LvL. <br>
    NPC Buff Time: 60 min <br>
    AIOx Buff Time: 2 hours <br>
    Buff Slots - 24 <br>
    Block Buff - .menu <br>
    NPC buffer - the basic buffs <br>
    block skill augment in olympiad <br>
    Skills are auto learning <br>
    Offline trade system <br>
    Interlude retail skills <br>
    Server up-time [24/7] [99]%. <br>
    Perfect class balance. <br>
    Voiced commands: <br>
    .register .unregister - Join or leave event. <br>
    .details <br>
    .menu <br>
    Nobless: <br>
    Quest Retail - Noblesse <br>
    NPC Trader - Farm <br>
    Protection: <br>
    Anti DDOS Protection <br>
    Anti Bot: Smart Guard<br>
    Casino NPC<br>
    mission NPC<br>
    Vote Manager<br>
    Olympiad game:<br>
    - Retail olympiad game.<br>
    - TOP GRADE A<br>
    - Competition period [1] month.<br>
    - Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00]. GMT -3<br>
    Event system:<br>
    votePopup - automatic events<br>
    - DeathMatch <br>
    - Domination <br>
    - Double Domination <br>
    - Last Man Standing <br>
    - Lucky Chests <br>
    - Simon Says <br>
    - Team vs Team <br>
    - VIP Team vs Team <br>
    - Zombie <br>
    - Capture the Flag <br>
    - Russian Roulette <br>
    - Bomb Fight <br>
    - Mutant <br>
    - Battlefield <br>
    - Hunting Grounds <br>
    - Raid in the Middle <br>
    - Korean TvT <br>
    - Treasure Hunt <br>
    - Strider Race Event <br>
    Retail Store: <br>
    D-grade Dion (adena) <br>
    C-grade Giran (adena) <br>
    B-grade Oren (adena) <br>
    A-grade Goddard (adena) <br>
    S-grade Rune (adena) <br>
    Titanium/Epic Weapons Craft - Recipes 50% in npc trader <br>
    Zone Farm:<br>
    Elven Fortress (Farm Solo) - 1 Raid boss, 2 Mini boss<br>
    Forgotten Temple (Farm Party) - 1 Raid boss, 2 Supermonster<br>
    Alt + B is available<br>
    Max. weapon +21<br>
    Max. armor/jewerly enchant +20<br>
    Epic Boss:<br>
    Queen Ant: 24h +/-1h Level 80<br>
    Core: 20h +/-1h Level 80<br>
    Orfen: 20h +/-1h Level 80<br>
    Zaken: 36h +/-2h Level 80<br>
    Baium: 36h +/-2h Level 80<br>
    Antharas: 36h +/-2h Level 80<br>
    Valakas: 36h +/-2h Level 80

Τι είναι HopZone;

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