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  • Διακομιστής τάξη: Rank of the site not ranked yet!
  • Γλώσσα: Turkish
  • Περιοχή:
  • Ιδιοκτήτης: gmwawe
  • Ιστοσελίδα:
  • Χρονικό: Interlude
  • Δημοσιευμένη:2017-04-06 07:05 PM
  • Ψήφοι από τους χρήστες: 0
  • Online checker:

Τιμές Διακομιστής

  • Ποσοστό XP: 1000X
  • Ποσοστό SP: 2000X
  • ADENA ποσοστό: 3000X
  • Ποσοστό Drop: 2X
  • Ασφαλής μαγεύουν: 5
  • Μαγεύουν Max: 25

Κοινωνικού Μοιράσματος

  1. 98% working Interlude skills. Interlude debuff slots fully working. Auto-learn skills. Max. level is 85 100%. Unique Demente 1 & 2 Custom Farming Spots. Fully working Interlude Clan System. (everything works (100%), including clan skills, clans can level up to 6/7/8/9, academy is working and so on) Zariche and Cursed Weapon System. (Working Zariche, Akamanah) Working Frintezza raid boss. Working Gordon raid boss. Working Interlude Backstab, Gladiator Skills, Cancel and more. Duel System fully working. (1v1 and Party Duel) Quickslots (3 bars) fully working. Interlude minimap working perfectly. 36+4 buffslots available. Party member locator on chat menu fully working. Flawless Geodata, it works perfectly. Augmentation fully working. Hot Springs and Forest of the Dead clan halls. Interlude Battle Symbol skills fully working. Demente Weapons. ( Unique ) Demente Armor.( Unique ) No Clan Penalties. Custom 1x1 peace zones in spawns to avoid spawnkilling. Improved custom raid bosses with custom drops. Subclasses Free. Noblesse Free with one item. Olympiad fully working. Hero System and hero skills. Seven signs working 100%. Retail-like clan halls. Sieges 100%. Custom Weapon / Armor / Misc Shops. Unique Areas / Unique Zones General buffs, 2Hours Third class change NPC's. NPC buffers in Giran. General Buffs in NPC buffers. Custom items , can making with farm. ( Easy Farming System) Giran shopping zone.

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