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  1. Lineage2 διακομιστές
  2. SUMMER on RPG!
    PEACE [x7] PTS
    High Five
  3. L2DAMAGE.COM X9000!
  4. L2Zaken Classic L2Zaken country
  5. L2RISE.COM H5 L2RISE.COM country
  6. SCRYDE.RU H5 SCRYDE.RU country
  7. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  8. L2Dreams Interlude L2Dreams country
  9. Exilium World H5 Exilium World country
  10. L2Ashenvale Classic L2Ashenvale country
  11. Chronos H5 Chronos country
  12. H5 country
  13. Lineage Zafiro Interlude Lineage Zafiro country
  1. Servers τυχαία πριμοδότηση
  2. ❤️ DEX Classic 2.0 Insolence 4x ! Huge community ! Classic
  3. Your server here!
  4. L2 Peniel H5 L2 Peniel country
  5. Chronos H5 Chronos country
  6. WarCry L2 C4 WarCry L2 country
  7. L2RISE.COM H5 L2RISE.COM country
  8. Lineage Zafiro Interlude Lineage Zafiro country
  9. L2Ertheia H5 L2Ertheia country
  10. L2Amerika H5 L2Amerika country
  11. L2Dreams Interlude L2Dreams country
  12. Interlude country
  13. L2Orbital Interlude L2Orbital country
  1. Το νεότερο 10 lineage2 διακομιστές
  2. ❤️ x15 Classic 2.5
    Open 8 June ! ❤️
  3. Your server here!
  4. L2Irresistible H5 L2Irresistible country
  5. L2WARclub GC L2WARclub country
  6. Freya-L2 Freya Freya-L2 country
  7. Celtus Epilogue Celtus country
  8. L2 Dellirio H5 L2 Dellirio country
  9. L2-Victory H5 L2-Victory country
  10. L2 Blue Dragon C6 Interlude L2 Blue Dragon C6 country
  11. L2G-OldSchool Interlude L2G-OldSchool country
  12. L2Talking Interlude L2Talking country
  13. ValakasWorldMultiproff H5 ValakasWorldMultiproff country
  1. ΕΠΕΡΧΌΜΕΝΗ διακομιστές
  2. Your server here!
  3. Your server here!
  4. 22.06.2018 L2LifeDrain Interlude L2LifeDrain country
  5. 22.06.2018 L2MAD Interlude L2MAD country
  6. 22.06.2018 Interlude country
  7. 23.06.2018 L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  8. 24.06.2018 L2Blaze Interlude L2Blaze country

    Τελευταία νέα του διακομιστή

  1. L2Blaze
    X150 START: 2018 JUNE 24! ONLINE: 2000+ | EARN MONEY FOR PLAYING!...

  2. L2Dreams
    ❤WWW.LA2DREAM.COM❤ ✶PRESENT NEW EVENT✶-★Event - Squash★ ✶JOIN US✶!!!...

  3. L2-DAMAGE

    Τελευταίες αξιολογήσεις

  1. desciples λριτικεσ L2Zaken
    Type your review text in here !...

  2. plamen-lvige λριτικεσ L2Talking

  3. desciples λριτικεσ L2Zaken
    Type your review text in here !...

  4. desciples λριτικεσ L2Zaken
    Type your review text in here !...

  5. onaca-ks91a λριτικεσ La2Cosmos
    The best server!!!...

  6. matias-pqved λριτικεσ L2Ultra
    Una porqueria su server, muchas donaciones y no hay un control hacia los usuarios alborotadores, no hay zona de leveleo para los levels bajos, no se puede jugar, los GMs se conectan cada muerte de obispo, si no ponen un auto control van a perder muchos usuarios, ojala se lo cierren al...

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