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  1. Mais recentes lineage2 servidores
  2. ✶ HighFive x3 PTS! ►NO donate! 23 February◄ High Five
  3. ! Classic 2.5 Zaken Update x15 ! 4000+ Online! Classic
  4. L2 Grial H5 L2 Grial  country
  5. lineage2arena Interlude lineage2arena country
  6. L2 REBELLION Interlude L2 REBELLION country
  7. L2TestServer H5 L2TestServer country
  8. l2 Crew X15 Interlude l2 Crew X15 country
  9. Fundonos Epilogue Fundonos country
  10. l2pene Interlude l2pene country
  11. L2Advanced15 H5 L2Advanced15 country
  12. L2chilepvp H5 L2chilepvp country
  13. Tempire.Net H5 Tempire.Net country
  1. FUTUROS servidores
  2. Your server here!
  3. Your server here!
  4. 27.02.2018 LINEAGE 2 SIEGHART Interlude LINEAGE 2 SIEGHART country
  5. 09.03.2018 L2Warage Classic 2.0 Classic L2Warage Classic 2.0 country

    Últimas notícias do servidor

    Dear L2Mordor players! The Black Gates of Mordor are now open! - JOIN NOW Congratula...

  2. LA2AXE
    START TODAY! HUGE ONLINE! Lovers Season OPENING: 2018-02-13! Interlude X100 | Daily o...

  3. L2Blaze
    ->BIG ONLINE!!! Bye Bye Winter X70 Season: 2018-02-25 | ONLINE: 2000+...

    Últimas opiniões de servidor

  1. nikita-j8wvg revisado L2Classic 2.5 Zaken
    Type your review text in here !:coolhmm::coolhmm:...

  2. oolloo1231 revisado Lazona

  3. victor-3styj revisado L2-BATTLE OF GODS

  4. ODuOne revisado L2Classic 2.5 Zaken
    very nice:snake:...

  5. abi4joy3 revisado L2Classic 2.5 Zaken
    great server!:-):-)...

  6. yuuya-9aedf revisado L2 Equanimity
    To tell the truth the best server i played in years!...


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