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L2 One-Piece

  • Classificação: Rank of the site 96
  • Idioma: Greek
  • Geolocalização:
  • Proprietário: elidon-bck56
  • Página web:
  • Crónica: Interlude
  • Publicado em:2019-10-23 12:34 AM
  • Votos de utilizadores: 4
  • Online checker:

Taxas de servidor

  • Taxa de experiência: 200X
  • Taxa de skillpoints: 200X
  • Taxa de Adena: 1X
  • Queda da taxa: 1X
  • Encantar: 3
  • Max encantar: 20

Compartilhamento Social

  1. Wellcome to l2OnePiece =NO DONATION SERVER=<br>
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Server Rates: EXP x200 SP x200 Drop (Custom Rate)<br>
    ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Enchant Rates: Safe +3 Max+20<br>
    Normal Scroll : 55%<br>
    Crystall Scroll: 60% ( it can be used only after +10) if enchant Fail it Return +10.<br>
    Bless Scroll: 60% Only For Armors.(Espacialy For EPIC Jewels).<br>
    Augment Skill 15% (There is not Augment Glow)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------=CUSTOM STAFFS=----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rebirth Manager : You can get Augment passive Skills.For Mage: Empower/Shield/Magic Barrier. For Fighter:MightShield/Magixc Barrier.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Custom Tatoos: for P.atack /Matack/C.Speed/Atk Speed.All of them Can be upgraded to LVL 3.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PVP Rewards:Get EXP/PvP Coins/Hero Killing Spree aura----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Cutom Farm Areas.Solo Farm 1 (easy): You Can Farm there Armor/Weapons/EXP/Adenas.Solo Farm 2 (Normal):You Can Farm there Armor/Weapons/EXP/Adenas.Solo Farm 3 (Hard):You Can Farm there Armor/Weapons/EXP/Adenas/OP Coins.Party Farm : You Can Farm there Armor/Weapons/EXP/Adenas/OP Coins.Raid Boss Cave (Antharas Lair) there are 12 RB inside that Drops 100% 1-3 OP Coins. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Siege Every Week!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Heroes every Month.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TvT Event every 4 Hours Reward OP Coins.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Server is beta till 13/12/2019 (There will be Reward for all Leader in opening Clan lvl 8 with Skills!!HAVE FUN!! DONT MISS IT!


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