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  • Idioma: English
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  • Proprietário: L2GveClub
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  • Crónica: Interlude
  • Publicado em:2018-04-26 03:02 PM
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Taxas de servidor

  • Taxa de experiência: 500X
  • Taxa de skillpoints: 500X
  • Taxa de Adena: 1X
  • Queda da taxa: 1X
  • Encantar: 4
  • Max encantar: 16

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  1. Basic Features ~ Starting Leve: 80 ~ Choose your faction (Good or Evil). ~ Go to Gm Shop and buy A Grade Equipment for FREE. ~ Take auto Buff from Buffer and you are ready to battle ~ Adena drop x1 per Kill in PvP-Event-Siege zones. ~ Free class change and Subclass. ~ All NPCs available in base faction towns (Aden - Rune). ~ Warehouse Keeper doesn't consume adena. ~ Skill Enchantment doesn't consume exp-sp. ~ Offline Shops only inside Base towns. ~ You get Vote Item when players vote for our server. ~ Personal Vote System will reward you with Vote Item + Vote Buff ~ Killing Spree system. ~ All chats will show a player's faction before his name. ~ You will never lose exp - level after a death. ~ We have added Security PIN upon character login. ~ You can SELL/BUY items for Adenas or Donations Coins from "Auction House NPC" ~ Spawn Protection: 10 Seconds so you can use .exit command. ~ Casino NPC to play with your friends and have some fun. ~ Auto CP / MP / Healing Potions by pressing Ctrl + Left Click on the potion or you can use them normally with a simple left click(retail). ~ Unique Announcements for : Raidboss Respawn, Raidboss Killer, Castle Owner, Real Heros ,Best Kill Ratio Player, Best Death Ratio Player, Best KDR Ratio Player, Faction Winner of the Map. ~ has 2 Base towns for the factions. These Base Towns are protected areas, that means one faction cant enter the enemy base town. All other towns are peaceful zones for both factions. ~ On Siege Zones - Olympiad Zones - Arena Zones (Coliseum) players from same faction can hit each other. We made it with this way to give more action on those areas. ~ Cancellation - Mass Warrior - Mass Mage Bane - Warrior Bane and Mage Bane remove your buffs only for 5 seconds, after 5 seconds your buffs will return back to you. PvP Information ~ PvP Reward with Adenas so players can get items from GM Shop ~ has 8 Maps automatically rotating every hour. ~ PVP Reward goes to the player that will make the Last Hit. ~ If your factions is winning the map, you get 2 Adenas per Kill. Enchantment Rates ~ Normal Scroll from PvP 70 % ~ Blessed Scroll from PvP 100 % ~ Crystall Scroll from Vote/PvP 70 % ~ Safe enchant With Normal - Blessed +4 ~ Max enchant With Normal-Blessed +16 ~ Max Enchant With Crystal Scrolls +20 ~ When enchantment fails with Crystal Scroll, your weapon is disenchanted by -1. ~ While PVPing inside Pvp Zone, you have a 2% chance to randomly have your weapon enchanted by +1 Lifestone Rates ~ Mid-Grade Lifestone: 20% Chance ~ High-Grade Lifestone: 40% Chance ~ Top-Grade Lifestone: 60% Chance ~ You're alowed to have 1 Passive and 10 Actives skills. Olympiad - Sieges ~ Sieges take place every week. ~ Aden Siege will take place on May 13th 2018 at 19:00 GMT +2. ~ Winners will be rewarded with 100 Euros in cash. ~ Olympiad cycle lasts 1 Week (Heroes every week) and it will start on 14th of May 2018. Raidboss Respawns ~ Orfen respawn time: 12 Hours. ~ Core respawn time: 12 Hours. ~ Ant Queen respawn time: 12 Hours. ~ Zaken respawn time: 18 Hours. ~ Baium respawn time: 20 Hours. ~ Antharas respawn time: 22 Hours. ~ Valakas respawn time: 24 Hours. Clan Information ~ All new clans that will be created on first day, will be rewarded with Lv 8 Clan for free. ~ You can find Reputation Item by killing raidbosses or you can buy it from Gm Shop. ~ You can invite only same faction players to your clan or alliance. ~ Clans can declare war only to enemy faction clans. ~ Only clans from same faction can make ally. Voiced Commands .map You can see who owns the current map and what is the score between factions. .boss You can see the remaining time for the respawn of the raidbosses. .eventin You can register to our events. .eventout You can unregister from an event .pvps You can see a list with the TOP 10 Pvp players on current map. .menu You can open your Character's Account Panel where you can find many usefull things. .vote You can type this command after you finished voting for our server on Topzone or Hopzone to receive your reward. .siege You can participate on the siege and see some basic information (Siege Date, Time, etc.) .stat Type this command while targeting yourself or another player to see some usefull information of your target. .withdraw Exchange 1 Gold Bar to 200 Adenas. .deposit Exhcnage 200 Adenas for 1 Gold bar. .buff Activates or Deactivates incoming buffs from other players. .trade Activates or Deactivate incoming trades from other players. .party Activates or Deactivates party invitations from other players. .exit You can escape the Pvp Zone when you are out of combat. Auto Events ~ Every hour on current map we calculate your kills and giving one special reward to the best pvp player of this map. ~ Every hour we calculate the total kills of both factions in the map and the winning faction, when map ends, receives a mass reward. ~ Every two hours Raid Event Opens: In this event u must kill enemy faction Raidboss to increase yout team points by one (+1). The team with the most points wins special event coins to exchange them for unique items in GM Shop. Weekend Events ~ Every Weekend our Server is running special events with unique rewards. ~ Russian Roulette, Hide and Seek, Find Hidden Items, Drop Event & 5vs5 - 9vs9. Map Artifact System Every hour map changes automatically. When you enter the next map you will notice that you receive x1 adena per kill, sole purpose in our server is to own every hourly map. On every map, an artifact will spawn on its center. All players have, in character's skill tab, (ALT + K) a skill named 'Map Engraver', you have to target the NPC 'Map Artifact' and start engraving. When a player finishes the engravement, his faction will own the map for the time, meaning his faction will now receive x2 Adenas per kill until a player from the enemy faction captures the map back. Also kills from both factions calculated and with the end of the map the faction with the most kills receives one special reward.You can check current score by pressing this command on chat : .map


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