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  • Classificação: Rank of the site 23
  • Idioma: English
  • Geolocalização:
  • Proprietário: rampagenew
  • Página web:
  • Crónica: Interlude
  • Publicado em:2017-09-28 09:14 AM
  • Votos de utilizadores: 0
  • Online checker:

Taxas de servidor

  • Taxa de experiência: 99999X
  • Taxa de skillpoints: 99999X
  • Taxa de Adena: 99999X
  • Queda da taxa: 99999X
  • Encantar: 30
  • Max encantar: 80

Compartilhamento Social

  1. Project team wants to give you a little bit of warmth and comfort on the server x100000!
    Draw your blade and let it drink its fill of blood! Remember your staff, which was placed in a corner, shake the dust from the mantle of battle! It's time to show what Lineage 2 INTERLUDE veterans can do!

    June 6, 2020 opening of the server with x100000 rates as part of the project
    We have prepared for you a unique Lineage 2 server with extensions that combines the maximum balance of all classes and races.

    Our team did not do a small amount of work before setting the opening date, and most importantly, the date of open beta testing!

    OBT start on June 4 at 20: 00 Moscow time:

    27A1. png Full server testing.
    27A1. png All the functionality will work the same as on opening.
    27A1. png You get all possible currency on the server in the amount of 999999.
    27A1. png round-the-Clock classical Olympiad.

    Server start on June 6 at 21: 00 Moscow time:

    27A1. png a Unique game concept that has no analogues in its kind.
    27A1. png Guarantee without vypa at least until the last live player on our server.
    27A1. png Responsive Administration, ready to answer your questions 24/7.
    27A1. png is One of the best DDoS protection on the market.
    27A1. png is One of the best protection against bots and third-party SOFTWARE.
    27A1. png completely absent shadow Donat.
    27A1. png Any items on the server get the game way.
    27A1. png the First siege and 5000 rubles for the capture of Aden castle on June 13-14 at 20: 00 Moscow time
    27A1.png First heroes on June 10 at 00: 10 Moscow time

    We will do our best to collect the maximum amount of money for add-ons.
    We guarantee you a perfect balance of all classes!
    We give you the opportunity to play without any wipes until the last player.

    Not a small amount of advertising campaign guarantees maximum online!
    Administrators with extensive experience will make your game as comfortable as possible!


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