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  1. Lineage2 servers
  2. BONUS-START 16 April - 13 May!!
    PEACE [x7] PTS
    High Five
  3. ✔ L2MAD - INTERLUDE x100000 ! ✔
    Grand OPEN TODAY!
  4. L2RISE.COM H5 L2RISE.COM country
  5. L2Dreams Interlude L2Dreams country
  6. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  7. L2Ashenvale Classic L2Ashenvale country
  8. Exilium World H5 Exilium World country
  9. SCRYDE.RU H5 SCRYDE.RU country
  10. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  11. Chronos H5 Chronos country
  12. Lineage Zafiro Interlude Lineage Zafiro country
  13. L2Amerika H5 L2Amerika country
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. ❤️ DEX Classic 2.0 Insolence 4x ! Huge community ! Classic
  3. Your server here!
  4. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  5. L2MIRACLE Interlude L2MIRACLE country
  6. L2Dreams Interlude L2Dreams country
  7. L2HAREM Interlude L2HAREM country
  8. L2 Peniel H5 L2 Peniel country
  9. L2Blaze Interlude L2Blaze country
  10. L2Ancient Interlude L2Ancient country
  11. L2PAIN Interlude L2PAIN country
  12. L2ERA.COM x50 H5 L2ERA.COM x50 country
  13. L2Saint Seiya Freya L2Saint Seiya country
  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. Your server here!
  3. Your server here!
  4. Hunt-Bot H5 Hunt-Bot country
  5. La2-Battle Interlude La2-Battle country
  6. L2Plomo High Five 1000x H5 L2Plomo High Five 1000x country
  7. L2Relic Interlude L2Relic country
  8. Aslan Interlude Aslan country
  9. Evion H5 Evion country
  10. L2RiseofEviL H5 L2RiseofEviL country
  11. L2Alendria Graciafinal L2Alendria country
  12. One-Sky Project Interlude Interlude One-Sky Project Interlude country
  13. L2 Awaken Interlude L2 Awaken country
  1. UPCOMING servers
  2. Your server here!
  3. Your server here!
  4. 25.05.2018 RAMPAGE.PW Interlude RAMPAGE.PW country
  5. 26.05.2018 L2Blaze Interlude L2Blaze country
  6. 01.06.2018 L2infinity GC L2infinity country

    Latest server news

    ♕ x100 MultiCraft ★START TODAY★ RAMPAGE.PW ♕...

    ♕ x100 MultiCraft ★START TODAY★ RAMPAGE.PW ♕...

    ♕ x100 MultiCraft ★START TODAY★ RAMPAGE.PW ♕...

    Latest server reviews

  1. gabriel-51wqj reviewed L2PowerClass-C4
    Type your review text in here !:):-Pasd...

  2. cristi-m5wy1 reviewed L2Hawk
    The server it's good but need alot of things npc's in clan halls reward from pvp diviniti scrols to be cheep in shop from 3 raid coin to be 1 for armor only server it's x500 pvp not farm server hope you guy's understand what I'm saying me and my clan will leav...

  3. Виталий-9xid7 reviewed L2Dreams

  4. zavadapeter reviewed Dark Elmore
    Type your review text in here !:-)...

  5. Χρηστος-gmoyd reviewed
    Type your review text in here !:coolgrin:...

  6. Виталий-9xid7 reviewed L2Dreams


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