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  1. Lineage2 servers
  2. President [x3] RIGHT CHOICE!
    12 Nov 2018! NO DONATE!
    High Five
  3. Your server here!
  4. L2Destiny x50 H5 L2Destiny x50 country
  5. L2Zaken Classic L2Zaken country
  6. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  7. KetraWars Interlude KetraWars country
  8. L2MAD Interlude L2MAD country
  9. Euro-PvP Interlude Euro-PvP country
  10. H5 country
  11. L2Amerika H5 L2Amerika country
  12. La2Dream Interlude La2Dream country
  13. SCRYDE.RU H5 SCRYDE.RU country
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. Your server here!
  3. H5 x25! No Wipes!
    Your best Choice!
    High Five
  4. KetraWars Interlude KetraWars country
  5. L2BaiumES H5 L2BaiumES country
  6. L2 Ravage H5 L2 Ravage country
  7. La2Dream Interlude La2Dream country
  8. Lineage 2 Camelot H5 Lineage 2 Camelot country
  9. Lineage2 ES H5 Lineage2 ES country
  10. L2Reality PvP Interlude L2Reality PvP country
  11. L2Amerika H5 L2Amerika country
  12. Lineage2Reload Interlude Lineage2Reload country
  13. L2eclypse H5 L2eclypse country
  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. ►LA2DREAM.COM❤ x50 International
    ★NO WIPES!★
  3. Your server here!
  4. L2RAIN.RU Interlude L2RAIN.RU country
  5. Lineage 2 Black Pearl x300 H5 Lineage 2 Black Pearl x300 country
  6. L2Wrazen Interlude L2Wrazen country
  7. Interlude country
  8. XavaX Interlude XavaX country
  9. L2HellBorn H5 L2HellBorn country
  10. L2 quarentena H5 L2 quarentena country
  11. L2Witcher C5 L2Witcher country
  12. Lineage 2 Magna Helios Lineage 2 Magna country
  13. L2Revide Interlude L2Revide country
  1. UPCOMING servers
  2. Your server here!
  4. 23.11.2018 Interlude country
  5. 01.12.2018 L2Blaze Interlude L2Blaze country

    Latest server news

  1. L2 Peniel
    L2 PvP Server MultiCraft |Active Staff Really On Game | Xp/Sp/Adena 1000x Drop 100x |...

  2. TheBattleClub
    Grand Opening soon!!!!!!!!...

  3. PlayINERA
    2 Days until we go hard, where will you be?...

    Latest server reviews

  1. andré-vx29w reviewed L2 Cat Gang
    This server is really nice, you can play relax there, come and see this great game experience :)...

  2. vrontosauros reviewed Lineage2Epic
    Type your review text in here !%-P%-P...

  3. MamRa reviewed L2Lionna
    Type your review text in here !...

  4. gnoomer666 reviewed L2MAD
    Type your review text in here !:down::kiss:...

  5. martin-xulbf reviewed L2eclypse
    Admin playing as game char running around with +++ stuff way of max enchant, heres screen him with +127 weapons, even admiting that! if you want i can share them email me dont play here for real :)...

  6. robinson-aliqd reviewed
    Gm Corrupto hasta la medula, edita a sus amigos y le hace imposible jugar a los que le llevan la contra, no pierdan su tiempo aca, no es mas que otro servidor de 10 pelagatos que son lamebotas del gm y que no pueden jugar limpiamente....


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