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  1. Lineage2 servers
  2. L2Europa Classic 3.3 - best season
    X7 - Grand Opening 3 April
  3. Classic x15 Kamael (Essence Client)
    H5 x50 - Open 20 March
  4. L2Lionna x15 Classic x50 H5 Classic L2Lionna x15 Classic x50 H5 country
  5. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  6. L2MAD Interlude L2MAD country
  7. L2Royalty Interlude L2Royalty country
  8. L2Eliot No Custom Interlude L2Eliot No Custom country
  9. L2Reborn Interlude Interlude L2Reborn Interlude country
  10. L2Polska Interlude L2Polska country
  11. SCRYDE.RU H5 SCRYDE.RU country
  12. La2Dream Interlude La2Dream country
  13. Exilium World H5 Exilium World country
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. La2Era - Open 09.02.2018! L2OFF!
    3500+ Online! A real L2!
    Chronicle 4
  3. L2mafia Good Vs Evil 24h PvP
    Just Opened. PLAY NOW!
  4. L2Pandora.Net x10 Classic L2Pandora.Net x10 country
  5. L2 AgainsT H5 L2 AgainsT country
  6. L2Flector Interlude L2Flector country
  7. L2MAD Interlude L2MAD country
  8. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  9. L2Ignite Interlude L2Ignite country
  10. L2Heiwan Interlude L2Heiwan country
  11. x25 H5 x25 country
  12. Lineage2Mars Classic Lineage2Mars country
  13. L2MIRACLE Interlude L2MIRACLE country

    Latest server news

  1. L2Royalty
    L2Royalty x75 In Now Online! JOIN US TODAY...

  2. L2Royalty
    L2Royalty x75 In Now Online! JOIN US TODAY...

  3. L2Royalty
    L2Royalty x75 In Now Online! JOIN US TODAY...

    Latest server reviews

  1. emil-zmepg reviewed L2EdgePvP
    Honestly one of the greatest PVP servers I have been on. Balanced, with great community and administration. It has been a month and in these times of isolation, I wouldn't rather be doing anything else but play here. It's a must-try!...

  2. giannis-f4mt9 reviewed L2Lionna x15 Classic x50 H5

  3. xionismenos reviewed L2-DAMAGE
    Type your review text in here !:vampire::vampire:%-P%-PZCCC...

  4. Woudi reviewed L2FlashGE
    It is at the moment a quiet server but with your help we can make it grow! Perfect rates and server features make it the best low rate server I have found after testing almost 40 low rate servers! Come join and enjoy! And vote this server up!...

  5. fran-mwbzo reviewed L2Ultra
    Type your review text in here !...

  6. alex-evux5 reviewed L2Rapax
    Type your review text in here !...


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