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  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. ✶PvP Concept №1 - Gracia Final x15✶
    ►Valhalla - January 22◄
    Gracia Final
  3. Your server here!
  4. Lineage Back2Play Interlude Lineage Back2Play country
  5. L2 Amara Interlude L2 Amara country
  6. Anthlon CZ Interlude Anthlon CZ country
  7. L2Friendship GC L2Friendship country
  8. Lineage 2 Aznar Interlude Lineage 2 Aznar country
  9. GVEL2.COM Graciafinal GVEL2.COM country
  10. Lineage II Cylium Interlude Lineage II Cylium country
  11. L2Lawless Interlude L2Lawless country
  12. illuminati PvP Interlude illuminati PvP country
  13. L2Memories Interlude L2Memories country
  1. UPCOMING servers
  2. Your server here!
  3. Your server here!
  4. 16.12.2017 L2LifeDrain Interlude L2LifeDrain country
  5. 16.12.2017 L2Blaze Interlude L2Blaze country
  6. 20.12.2017 Lineage2ICE x50 H5 Lineage2ICE x50 country
  7. 22.12.2017 Anthlon CZ Interlude Anthlon CZ country

    Latest server news

  1. TheMega
    ZMEGA.COM ⚔⚔ PTS INTERLUDE X20 ⚔⚔ BONUSES ON ⚔⚔ JAN 04, 2018...

  2. L2Blaze
    START TODAY! X150 Christmas Season START: 2017-12-06! BONUS For all new players! Expe...

  3. L2Ashenvale
    New Version Classic 2.0 Saviors READY! !...

    Latest server reviews

  1. χαρης-e156p reviewed Elysian Lineage II
    Type your review text in here !:-):-):-):-):-):-):-)...

  2. nikos-tp1z5 reviewed L2Warland
    I got banned for talking about another server on group chat .Besides that GMs are very helpful and polite,two times that i needed them they were fast and helpful. Community is a bit unfriendly and the economy is weird. Good server to spend time if u don't want something harder ...

  3. Себастьян-nyui9 reviewed SCRYDE.RU
    Отличный сервак!...

  4. svetlana-q8byy reviewed SCRYDE.RU
    Type your review text in here !...

  5. atego22 reviewed TheMega

  6. violence19 reviewed TheMega
    Отличный сервер. Не проходите мимо...


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