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  1. la2 cерверы
  2. Party[x3] HIGH ONLINE!
  3. ♛Premium Server x1000!
    Olymp 24/7!
  4. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  5. L2Dragon x50 Midrate H5 L2Dragon x50 Midrate country
  6. Lineage2Rise H5 Lineage2Rise country
  7. L2Lionna H5 L2Lionna country
  8. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  9. L2GlobaI H5 L2GlobaI country
  10. Graciafinal country
  11. Lineage II Amerika H5 Lineage II Amerika country
  12. Exilium World H5 Exilium World country
  13. L2MIRACLE Interlude L2MIRACLE country
  1. Новые 10 lineage2 cерверы
  2. ❤L2Red.Net Classic 1.5 Kain
    5x Live 10 March
  3. ✶ BEST free Classic PTS
    Update to 2.0 soon
  4. l2ramones Graciafinal l2ramones country
  5. LineageBattle Interlude LineageBattle country
  6. H5 country
  7. L2 Memphis Interlude L2 Memphis country
  8. L2 Water Interlude L2 Water country
  9. L2 Midwars Interlude L2 Midwars country
  10. L2mytles H5 L2mytles country
  11. Liquid Interlude Liquid country
  12. Interlude country
  13. L2Pub Craft PvP Interlude L2Pub Craft PvP country
  1. Премиум серверов
  2. ✶ BONUS START -
    High Online. PTS
  3. Your server here!
  4. L2GlobalNET Graciafinal L2GlobalNET country
  5. Lineage2Reload Interlude Lineage2Reload country
  6. L2Lionna H5 L2Lionna country
  7. L2Perseus Custom Interlude L2Perseus Custom country
  8. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  9. L2 No Donate H5 L2 No Donate country
  10. L2-Spirit Interlude L2-Spirit country
  11. L2-EXTREME Interlude L2-EXTREME country
  12. L2MIRACLE Interlude L2MIRACLE country
  13. L2 Equanimity H5 L2 Equanimity country

    Последние новости сервера

  1. L2Blaze

  2. L2 Custom
    New Season, New Start. Start date 2017-03-03 , new features, full balance....

  3. LineageBattle
    L2BattleFields (New Start) Server Online - RateXp = 5000. - RatePartyXp = 5000. - Ra...

    Последние обзоры сервера

  1. Massivekush проверено Drakarys
    Para todo aquel que sea Argentino y amante del L2. Este es su servidor, tiene 20ms de ping. El balance es el logrado en el Ares despues de muchos años ya en Gracia Final y hecho directamente para donar lamentablemente, pero extraido todo lo mejor y puesto acá, en Interlude. Main + 1...

  2. mvtabilitas проверено L2MIRACLE
    Pew pew donate server! -1!...

  3. qweqweqweqweeee проверено L2Dragon x50 Midrate
    So, server laggs every evening, freeze for 5 sec 5 times a minute, for 3 days admin says that this is ddos and it will be fixed shortly, then admin decreased window limit from 5 to 3, laggs are still, nothing changed and now, to addition to these constant laggs you can't farm bos...

  4. DARRKS проверено L2Warland
    Well all loocks gorgeous from outside, but I am asking 2 days to recover my accaunts where I have all informations, email, accaunt, etc.. and when I asked to recover this sheety PIn CODE I receive BAN 3 times... So from my point of view server it is ok but don't ask any help fro...

  5. Nika4ydo проверено L2Dragon x50 Midrate
    Отличный сервер с большим онлайном. Кому интересны фаны заходите)) борьба за каждый спот:cheese:...

  6. FreakyPlayer проверено hallate
    Don't waste your time here NOW because : 1) There is hardly any international community (it's good if you are lithuanian or polish) 2) Classes are highly unbalanced (231 DMG from NG staff with D top jews) (close lvls) 3) Some shops can't be targeted against even if you ...

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