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  1. lineage2 διακομιστές
  2. Tech OBT Learn more!
    ERTHEIA off. platform
  4. L2Era x50 Midrate H5 L2Era x50 Midrate country
  5. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  6. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  7. SCRYDE.RU H5 SCRYDE.RU country
  8. L2Dreams Interlude L2Dreams country
  9. L2 Ravage H5 L2 Ravage country
  10. L2Ashenvale Servers Classic L2Ashenvale Servers country
  11. L2 Age Interlude L2 Age country
  12. L2Rampage H5 L2Rampage country
  13. L2 Order vs Chaos H5 L2 Order vs Chaos country
  1. Το νεότερο 10 lineage2 διακομιστές
  2. Your server here!
  3. ✶ BEST free Classic PTS
    Update to 2.0 soon
  4. L2Emi Mid PvP Alpha Test Interlude L2Emi Mid PvP Alpha Test country
  5. L2 Naya H5 L2 Naya country
  6. EXiS Origin x1 C4 EXiS Origin x1 country
  8. Lineage Evil H5 Lineage Evil country
  9. L2NocturneH5 H5 L2NocturneH5 country
  10. L2LordsHF H5 L2LordsHF country
  11. L2Alexandria Interlude L2Alexandria country
  12. L2 Wizard With Nprotect Interlude L2 Wizard With Nprotect country
  13. L2 For Friends H5 L2 For Friends country
  1. Servers τυχαία πριμοδότηση
  2. ✶ UNIQUE RATES x20-x10!
  3. ♛ First PvP Server THOR
    Fun 24/7 by Valhalla!
  4. L2 Smart Interlude L2 Smart country
  5. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  6. L2Aria Interlude L2Aria country
  7. L2MIRACLE Interlude L2MIRACLE country
  8. Lineage 2 Ertheia H5 Lineage 2 Ertheia country
  9. L2 Naya H5 L2 Naya country
  10. L2TheGameTG Interlude L2TheGameTG country
  11. L2Abstract Interlude L2Abstract country
  12. L2Dreams Interlude L2Dreams country
  13. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country

    Τελευταία νέα του διακομιστή

  1. L2 Naya
    We are now live! Come and play!...

  2. L2LifeDrain
    ⚠️Interlude x100 PvP-Craft START: 29 /07/2017 ❗❗❗ NO BOTS + BONUS START and...

  3. L2LifeDrain
    ⚠️Interlude x100 PvP-Craft START: 29 /07/2017 ❗❗❗ NO BOTS + BONUS START and...

    Τελευταίες αξιολογήσεις

  1. generaloutrageous-ywbzh λριτικεσ L2KingWord
    in the web site u see 16 players online is fake u are alone no one play here No1 trash server ever :lol::lol::-):lol: what a crap server dude just close it Μην πεζεται εδω δεν εχει κανενα και δεν μπορεις να κανεις τιποτα...

  2. ?????-fzqeu λριτικεσ Dragon-Network HellRaiser
    Type your review text in here !...

  3. ger-f3oti λριτικεσ L2Era x50 Midrate
    Malisimo, si no donas olvidate no entran ni los atributos eso si te caen de drop al igual que los Giant codex que no te caen casualidad salvo que seas donator, agite 0, te meten un anchor cada 2 seg server solo para donadores si no donas segui de largo....

  4. ????????????-bkuit λριτικεσ L2Abstract
    Server is really balanced and well designed. It needs a lot of farm but it is really rewarding!...

  5. hhp λριτικεσ L2Era x50 Midrate

  6. ?????-fzqeu λριτικεσ Dragon-Network HellRaiser
    Best sub-stack server!...

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