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  1. lineage2 διακομιστές
  2. Party[x3] BONUS-START!
    13-26 March 2017
  3. ❤ E-Global x5 - Calling!
    Make L2 Great Again!
  4. L2Destiny x50 H5 L2Destiny x50 country
  5. L2Dragon x50 Midrate H5 L2Dragon x50 Midrate country
  6. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  7. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  8. L2Thalassic H5 L2Thalassic country
  9. Lineage II Amerika H5 Lineage II Amerika country
  10. L2GlobaI H5 L2GlobaI country
  11. Graciafinal country
  12. L2 Age Interlude L2 Age country
  13. Lineage 2 Ultra C4 Lineage 2 Ultra country
  1. Το νεότερο 10 lineage2 διακομιστές
  2. ❤L2Red.Net Classic 1.5 Kain
  3. ✶ BEST free Classic PTS
    Update to 2.0 soon
  4. L2 AnimA C1 L2 AnimA country
  5. Lineage2Epic Graciafinal Lineage2Epic country
  6. Interlude country
  7. Lineage 2 Kampf Interlude Lineage 2 Kampf country
  8. L2Narcos Interlude L2Narcos country
  9. L2Juju H5 L2Juju country
  10. L2ZeroZone Freya L2ZeroZone country
  11. TheSaints Interlude Interlude TheSaints Interlude country
  12. L2 Torus NetWork Interlude L2 Torus NetWork country
  13. LineagePL Interlude LineagePL country
  1. Servers τυχαία πριμοδότηση
  3. L2Evoke x5 Interlude Retail
    1500 Online!
  4. L2Destructions Graciafinal L2Destructions country
  5. L2GlobaI H5 L2GlobaI country
  6. L2Destiny x50 H5 L2Destiny x50 country
  7. L2Ashenvale Servers C1 L2Ashenvale Servers country
  8. L2 Equanimity H5 L2 Equanimity country
  9. Lineage 2 Ultra C4 Lineage 2 Ultra country
  10. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  11. Lineage 2 Ertheia H5 Lineage 2 Ertheia country
  12. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  13. L2TheGameTG Interlude L2TheGameTG country

    Τελευταία νέα του διακομιστή

  1. L2LifeDrain
    Free PREMIUM and rewards to the all new players + many updates and ...

  2. L2LifeDrain
    Free PREMIUM and rewards to the all new players + many updates and ...

  3. L2LifeDrain
    Free PREMIUM and rewards to the all new players + many updates and ...

    Τελευταίες αξιολογήσεις

  1. ramulo λριτικεσ Lineage II Amerika
    i like alot this server but gm dont appear , i want to talk whit him and he dont whisper me. well is really friendlly sv and u can get powerfull in any time...

  2. KayYoO λριτικεσ Lineage2Benz
    Type your review text in here !:shut: Ugly and a waste of time, unbalanced, no active Gm, unplayable..wakala...

  3. dalber24 λριτικεσ L2Concordia
    Un desastre, no vale la pena ni perder el tiempo en entrar a ver que tal es, los pocos players que hay son muy mala onda, el gm no esta nunca, esta lleno de bugs que no arreglan, la geodata es una risa, el ancho de banda no se cual sera pero parece que lo tiene montado en su casa al s...

  4. vergilakos14 λριτικεσ L2Dragon x50 Midrate
    Too many bots and they dont get banned.. there are zones full of bots abusing quests and farm using topography programms and farmer programms. BOTS DONT GET BANNED HERE? "bots free" my ass...

  5. bygrox λριτικεσ Lineage 2 Ultra

  6. Nirrox λριτικεσ
    Type your review text in here !...

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