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  1. lineage2 servers
  2. ✶Lineage2Dex Nexus 25x MIDRATE 1 July H5
  3. New! E-Global & Valhalla IL x7 Interlude
  4. L2GlobalNET Interlude
  5. L2Aeron H5
  6. L2-DAMAGE Interlude
  7. Exilium World H5
  8. L2Saga H5
  9. L2 Praddles H5
  10. L2Dreams Interlude
  11. L2World of Ages H5
  12. Lineage II Amerika H5
  13. L2Lionna H5
  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. ✶Lineage2Dex Nexus 25x MIDRATE 1 July H5
  3. Your server here!
  4. Lineage 2 Aldair C1
  5. L2Multik Interlude
  6. ertheia x-50 H5
  7. LII Leader Interlude
  8. L2Phedora H5
  9. H5
  10. Lineage 2 Gizmo Interlude
  11. l2syndicate Interlude
  12. NoReturnPoint H5
  13. L2Sanyed Interlude
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. ✶Lineage2Dex Nexus 25x MIDRATE 1 July H5
  3. Your server here!
  4. Emerial Interlude
  5. L2MIRACLE Interlude
  6. L2World of Ages H5
  7. Lineage 2 Ultra C4
  8. Lineage2 ES H5
  9. Lineage2Reload Interlude
  10. Exilium World H5
  11. L2 Equanimity H5
  12. Lineage 2 Ertheia H5
  13. H5

    Latest server news

  1. L2 Crystalline
    We have updated a file into our system! Please consider to update your system folder ...

  2. l2nomercy-Server
    Adin server x20 no custom now go now :)...

  3. L2Ursa
    L2-Clockwerk x7 (Base con 3ra) L2-Ursa x15 (Base + 1 subclass acu )...

    Latest server reviews

  1. delux13 reviewed L2Saga
    This Server is really unbalanced, copy paste of L2tales server,full pay2win, worst server to play ..Corrupted server sell epics....

  2. Keosss reviewed L2Rampage
    A lot of lag/ Admin who is off 99 procent of time. No responding to pettions. Unabalnce server 1 vs 1/ Atribute sistem dont work properrly !!!...

  3. prisoner989 reviewed Lineage2Reload
    In first season was perfect all the items with farm and a lot ppl active for pvp!! from the Second season and after you have lost all the ppl because you have put very low drop and the items cost so many.. you put donate jwls and no one can take donate that days and the server dont ha...

  4. lacooste reviewed la2Hardcore
    Type your review text in here !:bug:...

  5. elmasterxxx reviewed L2-Spirit
    Type your review text in here !...

  6. kill0 reviewed L2 Equanimity
    i'm new to this server but i love it! balanced pvp/farm is awesome also the assist system! i like the rates too...

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