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  1. Top alineage2 servers
  2. RedemptionL2 H5
  3. L2 Cartel H5
  4. L2Blaze Interlude
  5. Exilium World H5
  6. L2Dreams Interlude
  7. Lineage II Amerika H5
  8. L2 Axel H5
  9. L2 Stars H5
  10. L2-DAMAGE Interlude
  11. Lineage2.ES H5
  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. L2Electron Interlude
  3. Lineage2 PSD Interlude
  4. L2 AgeOfWar H5
  5. Lineage Ironhide Interlude
  6. L2Empire0ne Interlude
  7. L2-DN Interlude
  8. L2Legal Interlude
  9. L2Crystal Graciafinal
  10. L2Sludge H5
  11. L2 Forgotten Past H5
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. L2Tauras Interlude
  3. L2-DAMAGE Interlude
  4. L2 Tales H5
  5. Saga C4
  6. L2 altGamers H5
  7. Lineage II Amerika H5
  8. L2 Scryde H5
  9. RaidFight Graciafinal
  10. Exilium World H5
  11. Lineage II Cyber Interlude


    Server's news

  1. L2Dreams
    March Bonuses Dear Players and Visitors La2dream Interlude x50! We want to inform y...

  2. L2Crystal
    Hello We want to present to you a new, Final Gracia High Rate Server. We have spent...

  3. L2 Axel
    Moved to new machine, no more lag! Join Us!...

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