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  1. lineage2 servers
  2. ✶Lineage2Dex Nexus 25x MIDRATE 1 July H5
  3. Hot News! Gracia Final x7
    E-Global & Valhalla
  4. L2GlobalNET Interlude
  5. L2Destiny x50 H5
  6. L2Saga H5
  7. L2Aeron H5
  8. Exilium World H5
  9. NoReturnPoint H5
  10. L2-DAMAGE Interlude
  11. L2 Tales H5
  12. L2Warland Interlude
  13. Lineage II Amerika H5
  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. ✶Lineage2Dex Nexus 25x MIDRATE 1 July H5
  3. Brand New! IL PvP-Craft x50
    L2Arena Network!
  4. Paradox Interlude
  5. L2 United H5
  6. L2excess Interlude
  8. Lineage II Adenas Interlude
  9. La2Hellate Interlude
  10. L2Sphinx H5
  11. L2 Renegades H5
  12. L2Krays H5
  13. L2Avic Interlude
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. ✶Lineage2Dex Nexus 25x MIDRATE 1 July H5
  3. Your server here!
  4. Lineage2Reload Interlude
  5. L2Private H5
  6. L2 Equanimity H5
  7. L2 KILL Freya
  8. L2Dreams Interlude
  9. L2MAD x100000 Interlude
  10. L2Blaze Interlude
  11. L2-Spirit Interlude
  12. Exilium World H5
  13. Lineage2 ES H5

    Latest server news

  1. L2Warland
    Dear players We would like to say a big thank to all Warland players for the great su...

  2. L2Warland
    Dear players We create a new antibot system with Auto Punishment. User to use Bot win...

  3. TheMega

    Latest server reviews

  1. Nihilum reviewed L2 Equanimity
    Great server! Cool balance to some classes, Auto events, TW and sieges was lots of fun last week, active community, GM's online daily and are there to help! Good mix of high rate but still have to work to get to the very end game ++ gear + epics, you won't be fully equipped ...

  2. MrIOUS reviewed RxNET Lineage II
    For the players who like to grid, hard server, long term, different rules but they go well with this kind of server. GM seems fair and straight with what the rules say. Community is small, i met some nice people in game. If you really wanna go hard core lineage 2, if you like craftin...

  3. nancyy reviewed L2Warland
    Way far one of the best interlude servers i've ever player! Active Gm..if you got any problem you can find him on website almost 24/24 and the best part is that there are no donation items and a great balance..the only thing you can donate is the VIP status...and a great ideea wi...

  4. ArchMadness reviewed L2Warland
    The best Low rate Interlude i have ever played! First THEY DONT HAVE DONATE and this is one of the big balance that server has! The gms help us a lot! Balance on everything and thats the best think! Except all that, yesterday i have problem with my acc and i talk with the adminstrato...

  5. wolfman84 reviewed L2Concordia
    buen server, estable y seguro, vale la pena jugar y lleva tiempo on, entren a divertirse, para los que realmente les gusta el lineage 2...

  6. SquallVr reviewed Lineage2Italia
    Fix your damn website there is a pop-up and its in italian. If your server is made only for italians -DECLARE IT!! If not - don't force people to Accept something they dont understand in order to even view the website!...


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