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  1. lineage2 servers
  2. LA2DREAM.COM x50
    Happy New Year
  3. Party[x3] HIGH ONLINE!
  4. Lineage2Rise H5 Lineage2Rise country
  5. L2 Tales H5 L2 Tales country
  6. L2Lionna H5 L2Lionna country
  7. L2Warland Interlude L2Warland country
  8. L2-DAMAGE Interlude L2-DAMAGE country
  9. Lineage II Amerika H5 Lineage II Amerika country
  10. L2 Gamers Interlude L2 Gamers country
  11. Graciafinal country
  12. Exilium World H5 Exilium World country
  13. L2 Order vs Chaos Interlude L2 Order vs Chaos country
  1. Newest 10 lineage2 servers
  2. ❤L2DEX Genesis
    x25 PVP CRAFT IL
  3. ✶ BEST free Classic PTS
    Update to 2.0 soon
  4. Nemesis H5 Nemesis country
  5. L2Vow L2Vow country
  6. Interlude country
  7. L2 Kiss Interlude L2 Kiss country
  8. L2-Zoden Interlude L2-Zoden country
  9. LatinRevenge Interlude LatinRevenge country
  10. Lineagecadmus H5 Lineagecadmus country
  11. La2Enjoy x200 Interlude La2Enjoy x200 country
  12. lineage 2 AvA H5 lineage 2 AvA country
  13. Lineage 2 Primal H5 Lineage 2 Primal country
  1. RANDOM premium servers
  2. ✶ BONUS START -
    High Online. PTS
  3. ❤E-Global - NEW SERVER!
    x25 COME BACK!
  4. L2Lionna H5 L2Lionna country
  5. L2 Gamers Interlude L2 Gamers country
  6. Graciafinal country
  7. L2GlobalNET Graciafinal L2GlobalNET country
  8. L2-Spirit Interlude L2-Spirit country
  9. L2Prophecy Interlude L2Prophecy country
  10. Lineage2World H5 Lineage2World country
  11. H5 country
  12. Lineage II Amerika H5 Lineage II Amerika country
  13. L2Matrix Interlude L2Matrix country

    Latest server news

  1. L2Blaze
    New Players Premium Bonus Jan 16-23!...

  2. LA2AXE
    From Jan 19 06:00 till Jan 23 06:00 GMT+2 XP/SP rates increased x1.5!...

  3. L2LifeDrain

    Latest server reviews

  1. Lemven reviewed TheMega
    Cool server:-)...

  2. luigiozo reviewed L2 Redsky
    Server looks GOOD! :-P...

  3. zarel reviewed LA2AXE
    Yesterday admin banned/jailed half of top1 clan for nothing. Half server using bots to farm and admin banned 0 of them, dont care about it... He prefffer send to jail/ban people witch talking with him normaly about event rewards and problems. But the best is that one of clan witch ne...

  4. gerhm reviewed KillZoneC4
    Type your review text in here !:lol::lol:...

  5. chonpidj reviewed L2 Equanimity
    Genial, la verdad el server q estaba buscando, mejora el L2 sin perder la mistica,....

  6. soda13 reviewed L2 Equanimity
    it is a good server.. every half houre event, oly, much pvps.. its like a best ;ow rates pvp server...


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